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Anyone going to PNB???


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Just wondering if anybody is going to PNB this summer. I am, and if you got accepted please tell me how old you are, what level you are in and anything else you want!!! :wacko:

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Sorry, but I'm going to have to close this thread.


Who are you and where are you posts are best saved for the Buddy Board, which is a closed forum open only to teens who have been active on the board for at least two weeks, and who have made 30 substantive posts. "Me too" or "Attagirl" and the like are not substantive and might just be removed from your post count. And after you've met the requirements for Teen status, you have to say that you want access to the Buddy Board, and an administrator will admit you manually. We'd rather not do it this way, but we've smoked out a couple of phonies along the way, so we're extra cautious!

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