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Television: Nureyev, The russian Years

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I came across it while I was flipping through the channels but I only caught the end of it. I'd love for my dd to watch it. Does anyone know if and when they will rebroadcast it? :shrug:

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If you go to the PBS website, you can find out by clicking on the Nureyev photo that is right on the front page. It will take you to another page that is a more in-depth description of the documentary, where there will also be a link to check your local listings for times it will play.

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For anyone who missed the show, if you go to www.pbs.org and select your local station, you can find out when the show is being rebroadcast. Because PBS shows are still syndicated, it's impossible to predict when a particular station may re-air outside the semi-regular national schedule although many will repeat weeknight shows sometime during the following weekend or very late at night (set your DVRs).

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Does anyone know if this is/will be commercially available? I would love to purchase it for dd; she loved watching it and would like to add this one to her collection of ballet dvd's.

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The information you seek is here:



Currently the episode is not available for purchase, only the related book and a performance of Don Quixote. Most PBS shows are offered for sale when they're aired so I don't expect to see this available any time soon. That's my personal experience with PBS only. There appear to be copyright concerns as this show also doesn't appear available for online viewing unless the "podcast" is the entire episode. I don't have the patience for podcasts.

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I saw the docu this summer and loved it!!! It was interesting that Nureyev started professional training at the Kirov so late...17. WOW..inspiring!

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