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Inflexible Back


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I have an incredibly tense back which makes it difficult for me to use during a cambre or even arabesque - any advice on how to increase back flexibility?

Thanks for the help!

- Marie

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, a seemingly inflexible back is not the fault of the back unless you have a spinal injury. Usually, the cause is a stiff front. The muscles across the middle of the torso have to be stretched in order to allow the back to go back! Cambrés are the best exercise for cambrés.

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I have trouble with cambres too sometimes. When I do them it can feel really tense and tight. Are there any stretches you can recomend me doing to loosen up my muscles used during cambres? :lol:

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Do you have any stretches for the lower back? When I do cambres I feel it in my upper and sometimes mid, but never low back.

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That's because a cambré is not a backbend. A backbend isn't even ballet. If you want to do something to strengthen the the muscles that hold the torso more erect in arabesques, try the "cobra". Lie face down on the floor and lift your chest and shoulders from the floor using your back muscles. This will also stretch the soft tissue in front, allowing you more freedom of movement in a cambré.

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