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Ballet orthodics!


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If you have heard or know anything about ballet orthodics please tell me all you know. I just got some and need new pointe shoes. Have any suggestions on pointe shoes that work really well with ballet orthodics? Thanks! :wub:

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Can you be a bit more specific? "Orthotics" includes any addition to a shoe down to and including a piece of toilet paper. What kind of orthotics do you need? Are you sure? Have they been prescribed by an orthopedist or a podiatrist?

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Yes, these are perscripted and a doctor in New Jersey made them for ballet dancers at a company but now lots of people with this foot problem use them. His name is Doctor Braver and there is some information online about the orthodics, they are kind of hard to explain, here is the address http://www.drrun.com/1_staff.php

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If you have prescription orthotics, then you have to ask the doctor who prescribed them what they're for!


Here's a general overview of orthotics for other readers:




You're in Montana, and got a prescription from a doctor in New Jersey???

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