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If somebody has been training since they were very young, say 3 or 4, when is the best time to start pointe? I have been training for 12 years and have only been allowed to go on pointe a year ago! I found that, though I had a certain amout of strength just from normal ballet classes, I didn't have the stamina to remain on pointe for long. Also, becasue I was so old when I finally went on pointe I suddenly was expected to do up to 5 hours of pointe at a time without complaint! I found this hard work and that it blistered my skin, something that perhaps could have been prevented had I hardened the skin slowly by gradually increasing the amout of pointe work that I did. Anyway, what's done is done. I just wonderd whether anybody had any tips for my specific problem. How should I harden the skin on my feet?...Strengthen my ankles?...Increase the flexibilty of my ankle an foot? ..Get better at pointe work?

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sorry if i'm not allowed to post here.


My teacher had me put rubbing alcohol on my feet after i shower and before and after pointe to dry out the skin. that worked for me (plus the rubbing alcohol heals blisters i can get them completly gone in 3 days max)

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Yes, you are allowed to post here, but only after a moderator has posted. Anyone is allowed to ask questions of course.


Since this question is mostly about technique and not about pointe shoes, I am moving it to the appropriate forum.

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I think it really depends on the person for the right time to go onto pointe. I have always had really strong ankles so I went on pointe a little earlier, but my freind, who is the same age as me, went on pointe a year after me.

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Camilla, even though you've been studying since you were a toddler, effectively you've only been dancing since you were seven or eight. My own opinion of the best time to start pointe is, of course dependent entirely upon viewing the student and studying her strength and technique for a few lessons. Some are ready to go at age 11.5. Almost everybody is ready at 13, and of course has been following a course of study which was for the latest three years previous to pointework, at least three 1.5 hour classes per week. Have you read the "Facts of Life about Pointework" which Ms. Leigh was good enough to put at the top of this forum?

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Camilla, I know you are new here, but please take a bit of time to read existing topics, especially the "Sticky" topics at the top of the forums. These explain how things work here on Ballet Talk for Dancers. For instance, one of the things we do NOT do is substitute numbers for words, or single letters for a word. I corrected one of your other posts, but I'm leaving this one so you can look at it and see what I'm talking about. We do not use text messaging speak here. Sorry. :(

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OK. Sorry Miss Leigh. I will try and remember that in the future!


I can't find 'facts of life about pointe work'. I might just be being stupid but could somebody direct me to it please?

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