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I was just wondering whether it was considered normal for pre-professional ballet schools to stop doing classes over holdays and half-term holidays. All the ballet schools where I live stop for the holidays but lots of my friends who live in London say that their ballet schools don't. This seems sensible as everyday day you miss a class you go back two days of work (or so I am told).

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Our school has off for 1 week at the holidays, 4 days for spring break, and then a couple of assorted days (bank holidays) such as presidents day, thanksgiving, and memorial day. I daon't know if that is normal though.

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It is usual for major schools to take actual holidays off, and a part, usually the latter, of the summer. Everybody needs a break once in awhile.

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We have holidays off for sure. :dry: Having Memorial Day off kinda threw off my 'internal clock' if you will because it felt like Tuesday was Monday.... :thumbsup:

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We get christmas break (after Nutcracker of course) which is about 1.5 weeks, a week for spring break, and summer. We don't get any of the teacher workdays (like in school) or any of the bank holidays off.

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