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more classes this summer!


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I found out today about some adult classes being offered this summer, which means I might be able to experience what it's like to take 3 or 4 classes a week for a month or so! It will be a bit of a drive to get to them, and I'll have to figure out plans for my daughter, but it is so exciting to know that the option is there. :blushing:

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I did it last summer, and loved it! Bought new clothes (white dance shirts, black tights, white shoes and socks - very traditional!) and took 5 classes a week all summer. I called it my "personal summer intensive". Can't sustain it - my ankles and plantar fascia got gradually worse all summer even with icing after every class, etc - but I held out for the full 8-10 weeks, and really made a lot of progress. Highly recommended! :dry:

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I looked at the schedule more closely, and it runs for six weeks. The first week won't be possible for me, but the other five might. There are two classes a week that would probably be OK for me, so my goal is to do three classes a week for those five weeks and see what happens!

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Congrats! My school does also offer a 6 week summer intensive type with international guest teachers- I think I am giving that a try!

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