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Faceplant on stage


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Today I did a ballet performance. The stage wasn't meant for ballet. It was extremely hard and VERY VERY slippery. We put rosin on our shoes, but it didn't work. I was doing a combination with 1 other girl and a guy. I put too much force into a tour jete and fell. I almost did a faceplant but I caught myself with my arms. There was a loud "BAM" on that stage, but then I got up. I didn't even miss the next step! It was hard to keep dancing, but I sucked it up and just smiled harder.

The question i have here is, how would the directors view my performance? Is it a negative thing I fell? Would they hold it against me? :D

The director came backstage gave me a hug, and the other one told me about how Balanchine liked his dancers to fall, and Gelsey Kirkland used to fall alot.

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Is it a negative thing I fell? Would they hold it against me? :D



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I think you have your answer in the reaction you received from them backstage. :D Directors have been dancers too, you know, and we have all experienced bad stages.

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It seems to me that was actually a good thing to have happened. They saw you fall...but they also saw you get right back up and keep going with a smile. This tells them that if they cast you as something else, even if you make a mistake or trip you will keep going. Overall I think it gives them a very positive image of you!

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Yup! :D You had the guts to keep going even though you were probably in pain. :yes::thumbsup: Good job!!!


Besides, that stage was super slippery. :shrug:


That stuff will happen. :lol:

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don't worry it probably wasn't that bad and yes every dancer I know has told me atleast one bad onstage dance experience..........as for me I remember one time I was a 'Snowflake' in the nutcracker and each of us had little snows who would dance a little bit around us then go sit down while we danced and one of the parts was that the little snow would walk around is in a circle and my little snow's tutu got caught in my hair piece. Of course the part right after that was when the little snows were supposed to sit down so the little snow obliviously tried to sit down while I tried to make unrecognizable head motions while the little girl was practically ripping my hair out. Of course now a few years later it seems funny, even though then I was mortified. I'm sure you will think that your story is funny too when you look back on it.


Hope that story made you feel better about yours,


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I went and saw an aussie ballet performance just a few nights ago, and in her solo in the last piece one of the soloists slipped over, and not just a little slip, it would definitely classify as a faceplant. For a second it looked like she was really injured and couldn't get back up, and then when she did she was favoring one side, but she came on again and was fine, although looking a little embarassed.

Anyway, to get to the point of my story, after the performance there was a question and answer session with the artistic director and a couple of the senior artists. One person asked about the dancer who fell, Jane Casson, and the artistic director had a little chuckle and said "she's fine, she's down in the dressing room giggling about it with the others as we speak" he also continued with an anecdote about his dancing days, where one choreographer he worked with kept teling the dancers they were't pushing themselves hard enough, then finally cried out in joy when one of the dancers fell. Apparently this means they are pushing themselves to the absolute limit, and trying as hard as they can to improve their dancing, to me this makes falling a very positive thing, although preferable in rehersal! One of the senior artists who was also at the Q&A added that while dancers obviously aim for perfection in their performances, they are only human and can't hit everyting perfectly every time!

I definitely wouldn't stress about it, the proffessionals can do it and be laughing with their artistic director on the side of the stage, so i don't think your director will be dissappointed at all, and as Major Mel said, by the sound of their reaction they definitely weren't.

hope this helped a bit.

love belle xox

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This exact thing happened to me just last weekend in a ballet solo that i was doing!!! the stage was terrible and slippery and i fell doing a fouette..and then a minute or so later, another girl came on and fell in the EXACT same spot! it gave us a good laugh...even though it was pretty embarassing..not to mention i got a big bruise!

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