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I am training intensivly in ballet in preparation for company auditions in the next couple years. I am considering adding a jazz class or two to my schedule and was wondering if this would be a good thing to do. I know many companies have a very broad rep and extra training in other forms of dance can be very helpful but I am also wondering if a jazz class would be helpful to me as a ballet dancer? Any insight on this?

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Kiki, as long as you have the time and energy for it, why not?! It's fun, and it can help you become a more versatile dancer. I don't see any reason not to. Our students have modern dance in addition to all of their ballet and pointe, and we offer jazz in the summer. I would like to see them have a jazz class during the regular school year too. (But then there are a whole lot of things I would like them to have that are logistically impossible to fit into the schedule for students who attend a regular high school and not a full-time dance academy. I would like them to have ballet history, music, teacher training, Pilates, and choreography workshops!)

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i've taken jazz alongside ballet for about five years and it's really great ...it has definately made me a more versatile dancer and has also relaly helped me develop my own style. I find my jazz calsses to be a bit more relaxed and loose so i can experiment a little more. I would definately suggest you try it out and if not jazz then maybe something else-- i mean i obviously love ballet but there is something to be said for other types of dance too and there are about a million so i kinda think dancers who only take one kind are cheating themselves. Go exploring!

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I also have taken jazz and tap classes along with ballet, and I have found that not only does it help you become a more versatile dancer but it also throws off boundaries. Jazz has a similar technique but it allows yourself to be expressive in different ways. Good Luck!


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I take jazz once a week, and it really helps me with my flexibility and strength - somehow it even helps me turn better! I love it because the music is so much fun and the class is so energetic. Plus, it adds a little more diversity to my schedule of ballet, ballet, and more ballet! The only thing i can say is that jazz often causes me to be VERY sore and I tend to get small injuries in jazz classes (like strained muscles) - so sometimes that can hinder your ballet. As long as you don't hurt yourself, i would go for it!

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