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Hi, I seem to have something go wrong with my feet, knees or ankles at least once a week. One of the older dancers seems to either have empathy for me, or she looks really anoyed at my complaints! I can't help the pain! So, sometimes I just suck it up and I don't talk about it, but then the pain gets worse, I tell her. I feel stupid for "whinning" but I don't want to hurt my body by not talking about whatever problem I have. What should I do?

Thank you so much.

ps. please don't look at how I spell!

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RML, I moved your other topic to Pointe Shoe Topics, because it was about pointe shoes. :) I moved this one to Young Dancers because it is more a question for teachers, not one about pointe shoes! :P


Anyway, if you are injured, you need to find out what is wrong and why. If it is just pain from pointe shoes, then you need to change the pointe shoes, as I advised in your other topic. Talking about it to another dancer is not necessary. Talk to your teacher.

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