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Drop -in classes in London/Oxford/Brighton/Liverpool

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I am going to be in England for the better part of August visiting family and friends. I never took ballet when I lived in England, so I am flying blind. Does anyone know of anyplace in London, Oxford,Brighton (e.Sussex) and/or Liverpool where I might find drop-in classes for adult ballet students ?



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Oh ania, there are lots of options in London! :wacko: Search here, or Google







Other people will know Oxford and Brighton, so I hope they'll help.


I'm on the move this weekend & only checking e-mails & posts sporadically, otherwise I'd post the links for you -- I should be able to do that on Monday. But there are lots of options, so start with a search of this forum, to get other BT4D members' experiences and advice.

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That reminds me - I shall be in Oxford sometime in September, and would like to indulge in a bit of ballet class tourism while I am there. Since we have LOTS of people on this board who do classes in Oxford, would someone be able to tell me also about possible drop-in classes? Lower intermediate level probably.


I say this now, before you all go off to your Italian villas for the summer.


Many thanks,



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Although she's taking a bit of a summer hiatus, Susie Crow will be starting up her classes again in September. I don't know how many of her usual schedule she will be doing, as she has an upcoming production in London in October. But, she's worth getting a hold of and asking, closer to the time. PM me as the time approaches, and I'll put you in contact. She is hands down the best teacher I've come across in many many years, and she usually does at least one nice open-level class, that really caters across ability levels.


Not sure if I will be around or not at the time...



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