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Does anyone on the boards do any types of trading?

The reason I ask is I have a brand new in package pair of body wrappers tights in black that I want to swap for pink or tan. Why don't I just buy a new pair? My husband was laid off (with half his company) this week and I'd like to save every penny if I can.


Anyone have suggestions? :devil:

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Can you not just take or send them back and exchange them for pink or tan? If they are still in package, I would think that would be the easiest way. We do not encourage any selling or swapping here on Ballet Talk. Sorry.

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Have you tried asking directly if you may exchange them? If you ordered them online, you might be able to plead total idiocy ("Oh, no, I meant to order pink! I must have hit the wrong button!"). I once did that with a fleshy that turned out to be the exact style my DD didn't want, and they cheerfully accepted the return even though the stated policy was "final sale on all undergarments".

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I'll try that, Treefrog. Since I have a pitiful case!

I am praying he finds a job that pays the same if not more soon! My salary will NOT cover the bills AND I really am selfish - I want to sign up for my fall classes come next month!!!

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You might try eBay if nothing else. But the costs involved in placing an ad and mailing the tights would probably make it not worth it.

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Although on ebay the sellers dont pay for the mailing costs. And the listing fee is pretty minimal.


Some sellers even charge a 'handling' fee to recoup their listing costs.


I wish we did have a trade system, i have a brand new pair of sansha pointes that are just a bit too short.

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It would be nice.

I found a listing on Ebay for the exact tights in pink - so I emailed the seller asking if they'd be willing to trade. Selling them on my end would be more hassle. I can also ask my teacher if I can wear them and just fold the feet up to my knees - though it will still cut off my line! :yucky:

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Swapping and trading is such a nice idea! If someone finds a place elsewhere on the web where we can do this, please post about is at BT4D!

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Black tights look OK with *just* the feet cut out. Just wear them at your ankle and don't roll up. I think a black leo, black tights, black skirt, and pink shoes is an acceptable, classical look for an adult student.


Just in case you can't do the exchange:)


Sorry about the job situation. Trust me, I know it's stressful. Things have a way of working out eventually.


I'm doing extra work around the studio to pay for summer classes in a new city. And no new tights for me in the immediate future. Luckily, I have about a zillion pairs of them:) Luckily, the "gear" required for ballet study is minimal in expense (minus the pointe shoes of course). You're doing fine so long as your hair is perfectly neat and the clothes are clean, IMO:)

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Black tights look OK with *just* the feet cut out. Just wear them at your ankle and don't roll up. I think a black leo, black tights, black skirt, and pink shoes is an acceptable, classical look for an adult student.


I'm glad you said this. I agree. Some here think it's a "fashion faux pas", but it's what I wear to class. And I'm not the only one.


BTW, what about dye remover? I remember conversations about recoloring leos -- would it work for tights? On second thought, it would probably cost as much as the new pair of tights anyway.

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I'm seeing more and more in their late teens/early twenties wearing black tights cut to capri length. If one is going to wear black tights, I think it makes sense to see what length looks good on one's legs.

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I'll ask tonight about the black tights - but it's pretty much a formal class that I am in!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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I also think black tights look ok if they aren't over the feet. There's one woman in my class who wears black leotard, black tights over the feet and then there are these really jaring, random pink shoes on her feet. It's really noticable!

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