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I am back....in class that is


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After months of one or another thing making it impossible for me to get back to class I made it; twice now. It is summer session with us where the adults combine with the older teens who are not off to summer programs at the moment. That would make an adult classified in say the 3 years and under category pretty demoralized byt they are in such another plane of existence it hardly matters at all. It did bother me for a moment when the teacher asked for splits. That NEVER happens in adult class but I took a look around. The 3 ior 4 other adult women, older than myself, all did it. Only one lonely male in the room and myself proved unable. :dry:

I try to think "Someday I'll do it"...but I know I only did one once in my life before, (9th grade) and under pressure of a dance exam and after that I walked funny for a few days, got over it, and didn't have another dance opportunity for two years.


I was feeling uncomfortable about going back to class while carrying more weight than anyone has ever seen me with so I stopped off in the "shapewear" department on the way to class for some kind of waist cinching device to wear under my leo. Then I got stuck in traffic going a different way to class than usual and I wound up late to class. That made any embarrassment of my shape disappear completely in the light of the mortification of walking in after plies. :D


I am fed up enough with the extra pounds that a medication put on me so I spoke to my doctor about stopping it. Thankfully something else exists this year that wasn't approved for Neuropathy last year at this time, so he is having me phase off the one while I start up on the other. The second is not noted for weight gain like the first.

I would like to wish that the weight is all water and will just fall off, but just in case it is not I have started increasing my activity level outside Ballet too; with cycling. I am doing just over 30 minutes before water aerobics three times a week and plan to get up to an average of 45 minutes or so per session. Either way I could stand the extra aerobic training. I just have to plan on getting out of the house an hour earlier than usual and not hang around too long on the computer. :lol:

Once I get used to this new level, I know of a new Pilates class I want to check out....finally not conflicting with ballet class.


Meanwhile I did find an interesting substitute for capri tights in said shapewear dept. (that is the girdle dept for those not familiar with the new wording) Anyway, I got a full control capri lenght pant liner that is soft, seam and tag free at the torso, nylon and lycra, and about as thick as some leotards, and thicker than one I own. I figured wearing these over rather than tights, control undies and a leo would be cooler. They don't actually suck me in much at the waist like more specialized items that are heavier or lumpy, but then I got the XL rather than the large that did get on me. I know from experience that wearing things too tight at the waist can bring on reflux and having that during class would be a bad thing so I went big. There was no size chart on the tag and large seemed unlikely to be the ones that should fit since most things in that dept. are tight at 2X. So, I got a pricey at $24.00 but nice fitting very useful pair of black tights that I don't have to cut the feet out of. I hated doing that to my originally hard to find pink Danskin 2X tights or even the black ones for that matter.

The brand was a Penney's brand called "Barely There" if anyone is interested. The items start tiny and stretch a lot so smalls being too big for those who generally wear a small should not be a problem.

They are a little shiny but I will get over that.


Have great days out there,


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Thats great news Laschwen :blink: bet it does feel good to be back?

How long were you out of ballet class for?

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Congrats on being able to go back to class. :)


I can relate to your splits story. When everyone else in class is grabbing their heels and stretching their legs up and out after a barre stretch, I'm....not. But someday I will. Just have to keep working at it.


Enjoy your summer.

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Thanks for the info on the "Barely There" capri tights at Penneys. I've also put on weight from having low thyroid problems. Now that I've been on meds I don't seem to be losing it like I thought I would. I'm also going back to ballet after many years and I'm all too conscious of how I look and how out of shape I'm in.

I need all the help I can get!

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I am always doing classes with teens, and yes, it is hard on the self esteem sometimes!


When they are asked to do splits, I always say "can I do half splits (just stretching one leg at a time)instead?", as I am very realistic about my capabilities!


As far as feeling not so confident in a leotard, when I returned to ballet in February after nearly a year's absence, I was somewhat chubbier than previously. I found that new leotards (the old ones no longer fitted!) with nice neck/shoulder/back details made me feel a lot more confident as they drew attention away from the tummy area (incidentally, some of the teens complimented me a lot on this one: Natalie N8206 in black: plus it hides bra straps). Plus I asked if I could wear a skirt (teens aren't allowed to at this studio).


Hang in there! You are back in class and dancing, and that's the most important thing!

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As far as I recall I was in most of the January classes and after that I am not so sure. It could have been none in February or maybe a few.

Thank you all for your encouraging replies. I like the feeling of community that is available to us on the boards here.

I think I got a little over excited being back full time and trying to implement a new and more active schedule this week. I made it to both Ballet classes and two out of three days at the YMCA for cycling and water class. I wiped out on Friday. Thursday night class was pretty intense and I was hurting afterwards. I wasn't nearly as sore as I expected on Friday; just exhausted.

I have to just try again next week.

I did check out if I was going to be able to grab and hold my heel out to the side anytime soon. I had a friend in water class give my leg a push upward (in the warm pool) after class to see if it would meet my hand without my posture going all off.

It was a close call, but there seems to be hope for it. It will likely take a while.

Holding out to the front may be another story. My hamstrings seem to be pretty tight and my forward extension is pretty poor. Of course in class we are usually asked to extend to the front and then the side holding the heel so??? I have cheated and held on to the leg of my unitard and got halfway there.

I work on that particularly atr the end of water class.

I did do a starter sort of my dancewear drawer. It was getting too full and half of the stuff in there either doesn't currently fit or is for Tap or other types of classes like nude color shiny tights and fishnets....They just had to be boxed up and taken out of the way for now. It will be good to be able to pull what I need for class quicklu and keep things sorted to maximize how many outfits I can wear before having to do laundry.

I do like my skirts but I am not unable to go without one on a given day once in a while. I just look like I am dressed for modern class and that is fine in my studio.


Have a great week all.



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I hope you dont mind me adding...


Your determination to get back to class and overcome your difficulties is quite an inspiration for us all!



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The thing I tell myself when taking class with teens is "Well, they're doing it now at 15, but will they still be doing it 30 years from now, like I am?"

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Thank you Jim and Red.

It is frustrating but as I am still sickly today and will likely miss class, the new plan is to wipe down the gym equipment before and after use...there is a rule about after but you never know if the last person did it. I can bring wipes for the barre too...germy little hands and all, rather than a quick dust with my sweat towell which then hits my face. Big mistake there.


Here is one for us all: Say "If I look like this now, and keep going like I want to, what will I look like at 70?"


The key part to keeping the end image positive is that bit in the middle...



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