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I have a question about front developpe. I have a very hard time staightening my leg front without letting my supporting knee bend. My hips have a tendency to tuck and it's almost impossible to prevent. I've tried working hard on stretching, so that I can pretty much fold forward with my leg on the barre so that my diaphragm rests on my leg so even though I'm not extremely flexible, shouldn't that be enough to ensure a straight developpe? Ironically, I also have to work very hard in all positions to pull up my hips in front because I have a tendency to swayback, and having my pelvis tipped forward. Why do I have this problem with developpe? Someone in class told me she consciously pushes her low back forward in developpe front to counteract the tendency to tuck. What do you think?

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Hello NataliaK, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :P


Developpé front is often more difficult than back or even side, and the reason is what you have discovered, which is alignment. When the pelvis tilts forward you lose the ability to extend the leg because it pushes the pelvic bone downward towards the thigh and it needs to be doing exactly the opposite. You need to feel the pelvic bones lifting upward towards the ribs! My guess as to why you are struggling with this is that you probably have your weight too far back in your heels. Try adjusting your weight placement more forward towards the ball of the supporting foot and see if this helps to keep from tilting the pelvis. Feel like your whole upper body is suspending above the legs, not pushing down into them. :speechless:

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