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problems with coordination


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My 11 year old recently has problems with coordination, like being a couple of seconds later with the movements than the rest of the group and coordination of arms and legs. Are these common problems for this age group and what kind of exercises can be done to overcome these problems.

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My daughter has reported, on occasion, that things are "off" and it usually ends up being due to growing taller. I think that this is a recurring issue. Her teachers have encouraged the students to press on through with their work and eventually things will settle down until the next growth spurt.

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My dd has had similar problems of late since her ridiculous growth spurt this year. We've joked and said her legs have gotten so long that it's taking longer for the signals from the brain to reach her feet :)


Seriously, I think this is typical of this age. Their bodies are growing and changing so rapidly that they don't have the control they once did or eventually will have again. It's a rough time for girls at that age (11-13), because basically they are getting entirely new bodies (wish I could have a new one :innocent: ). It just takes time and lots of work to adjust.

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Responses so far have been sooooo right!!! When they grow, everything changes. And to complicate matters, in many, nerves don't grow at exactly the same rate as bones and muscles, so even if the brain sends the message, "MOVE!", the body part may not get the message. Sometimes, they even feel pain as the legs, arms, and trunk grow. "Growing pains" aren't an urban legend; they are all too real, especially to the growing one. They should not be lightly dismissed, but they are rarely sufficient cause for a trip to the doctor, unless they're accompanied by other symptoms, like rash, heat in the painful area, or swelling. They must be understood, and sympathy, after a gentle "mom-exam" to ensure that nothing else as above is happening, applied.

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And there are really no exercises to overcome this kind of problem. It's just something they have to go through and grow out of! Give it some time. It might even get a lot better for a while and then another growth spurt hits. :innocent:

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