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Men and Women in Sports


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I think it is a good article on the whole, but I have to admit that I am getting just the smallest bit tired of hearing about how male ballet dancers are still manly because they lift the women and/or spend lots of time with leotard-clad females. It's about art, not sex(ual orientation), and ballet doesn't need to be justified, even if certain members of society still seem to think so.

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I agree. Lifting women actually made feel rather emasculated. Go figure...

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I agree with Hans too. I think that the whole "Real men lift women, not weights" thing is stupid.


Although...Pavarotti did catch some flack for "selling out" and being too "commercial" for singing with the Spice Girls. He just said something to the extent of "Hey, did you know that thousands of people saw that on TV. I brought opera to that many people. Commercializing opera was a good thing!" He said something to that extent.


Just thought that was interesting...



-Andrew :wink:

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