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Turns on pointe...


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Hi! I was wondering...many people say that turning on point is easier than turning on flat. I feel very solid in my turns on flat and can do much more turns on flat than on pointe. On pointe, I feel that my turns are very insecure but I've already had a few years of pointe training. Even people in my class seem to be better turners than I am on pointe, but I am a better turner in flat shoes. Any suggestions?

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A few things could be going on here. Without seeing you, it's hard to say whether you're doing them, or whether there's a deeper problem.


First, are you holding the rotation of your supporting leg when you start your turn? Lots of students do the preparation, then, just before they start to turn, the supporting foot shifts to straight forward. It makes it more difficult to turn. And the same goes for the "working" foot in retiré. You have to feel as though there's something pressing the knee back to maximum rotation, whether the turn is en dehors or en dedans.


Second, are you sure that your supporting foot is directly under you when you turn? A lot of students pop-up to relevé, and the toe skids out from under them.


Third, are you flinching? You may be comfortable with the idea that you're turning on pointe, but is there a little corner of your mind that's going, "OMIGAWD, pirouette on pointe!"? Don't do that. No fear allowed.

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Comfort level in everything is a very personal issue. There could be so many things effecting your turns on pointe that it is difficult to pinpoint what might be going on. Have you asked your teacher specifically to watch you? :innocent:

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