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lil lindsay

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I'm not sure if this belongs here or not, but I'll give it a shot. My first college audition is this weekend. Are college auditions different from summer intensive auditions? What should I expect? How about the interview? I'm a little nervous, seeing that a small part of it is modern, and I've never had a modern class in my life. Does anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone already had a few college auditions? Thanks a lot!

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Guest Colleen

In my experience college auditions vary in the same way as do SI auditions, but sometimes in different ways. I've known some (and this is purely Canadian experience, but i'm sure that there are similarities) to do a regular class with a group of students, some a private class, others require the preparation of a couple dances (one ballet, one contemporary) and no class. Most university programs do try to keep some sort of balance between ballet and modern even if they allow you to specialize in one field or the other. So if modern is part of the exam I'd prepare myself by taking a couple of classes if possible. A Graham class would be best IMO since it's structured like a ballet class (floor barre, centre, across the room) and while the exercises are obviously different, most ballet dancers still feel relatively comfortable with Graham technique (it's not the 'weird' modern, he he). The interview is just like a job interview, they just want to know first hand about your experience with dance as well as about your life outside of dance. Obviously programs want strong dancers, but they also want strong individuals. Just relax, answer the questions asked, and be yourself. You'll do fine smile.gif

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