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Open Adult Classes near Birmingham, UK?


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From what I've read, I realize that outside of London there is probably little, if any, chance to find an open adult class, but I thought I may as well ask anyway.


I'll be there end of July/beginning of August, which, of course, may be holiday time...



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Blanche, I work & dance in Birmingham, and it's one of the best places for adult dance outside London -- well, it is Britain's second city! And home of the Birmingham Royal Ballet.


First place to enquire is DanceXchange (DX), which is in the centre of the city and has lovely studios & great teachers (ex and current BRB soloists).




They may be on a summer break with classes when you're here, but there is a regular class-goer who organises classes independently and hires the DX studios -- if you e-mail or ring DX, they'll give you further information about her arrangements. Her summer classes are very popular & have great teachers.


Nina Burrows teaches at the Ladywood Leisure Centre on Thursdays & Saturdays throughout the summer. Classes at Grade 8 RAD -- I've never done them, but I've seen her in class at DanceXchange and I think she'd be a lovely teacher. There's no web-site, but you can contact the Leisure Centre via the Birmingham City Council web-site -- Leisure Centres in the UK are usually community/council run.

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Redbookish, thanks for the leads...they look quite promising! Last few times I have been across the pond, we've been a bit farther from a large city, so I was hoping for better luck this time.

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