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Help Needed with Pre-Pointe Shoes


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Sorry if I seem rude, but after reading both threads on this topic, which are very similar, I couldnt help but feel that Courntneysunshine didnt have all her facts straignt, contradicted herself, and led many here to lash out againt her DD's instructors. No one said "lets be nice" when saying the instructors dont know what they are doing, run, dont walk, etc. If her school is as good as she says it is, and she has as little knowledge as she says she does, perhaps is is unwise for her to tell a "well known and highly respected" teacher how to teach pre-pointe, especially when her only info is coming from a child.

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Still, dance1's point is well taken. "Perhaps you are the one with the problem" is a personal attack, and out of order.

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Victorian manners, but we are also very modern in that we forgive. The Victorians could bear some awful grudges, and would feud for years. We gave that up on the old Ballet Alert! site for Lent one year, and never picked it back up after. :blushing:


(PS. Thank you for taking care of editing the line.)

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