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Strange pirouette experience in class

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Well, I know I haven't been around for awhile, but I am still dancing, about 5 or 6 days a week, and a strange thing happened tonight in class, and I just had to share it with people who would understand.


Tonight during our pirouette combination, after I came around from my pirouette, my turn stopped gently, pointing exactly to the correct corner, and then ... I was just up there, hovering, en relevé for a moment...wondering. Then I slowly lowered flat and placed my back foot down behind. It was really the strangest feeling. It happened two or three times. And it almost happened in the other direction, as well.


Is it possible I am going to stop falling out of my pirouettes?

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Brava, ballerina!

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I always thought that a perfect pirouette-landing (slowly executed) must be like this...but it is a great feeling, isn't it? I have that once a month and I just love it (I think it is like flying)

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Yay for you, Pirou! I know this isn't the Champagne Lounge, but here's a glass anyway >clink< !

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I did that once...perfect double...gently stopped on demi-pointe facing the correct corner and just floated it down.....It was an amazing feeling




then I woke up...


Congratualtions Pirou! Must be a terrific feeling!!!

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Guest ingve


the first time this happens to a dancer, (if ever) is a great moment. unfortunately that is not going to automatically repeat itself. But if you continue training as often as you do and keep concentrated, you will be able to repeat this many times in your dancing career.


But there is nothing like a first time!!!



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