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Books: A Very Young Dancer

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I love this book!! I have gotten it from a local library many times. Cantdance, I searched her on Youtube and I haven't founda anything under the Merv Griffin Show. I wish she would have gone on to dance when she was older.

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I can't find the youtube clip anymore either :thumbsup: Pity as it was lovely. She did go on to dance professionally (Katherine Healy nor Stephanie Selby). There are a lot of youtube clips, search under Katherine Healy :)

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I loved, loved these books and got to actually see Kathryn Healey dance the Sugar Plum at some very young age in a Nutcracker. I was so excited.


Why doesn't someone do one today?

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Katherine Healy married figure Skating Coach Peter Burrows and the last I heard she was choreographing figure skating for his students. On youtube you can find many clips of her dancing and skating. One of the clips featured comments and one of the comments suggested that commentor's parents had sponsored Katherine's skating. Katherine herself posted that this was false, and her parents had supported her fully as she was training. Being the "crazy-stalker-fan" that I am I sent her a message on you tube and just said that I was a figure skater and had loved her book as a child, and now had daughters in ballet, so I could appreciate how she loved both sports/arts so much. I did get a reply! She wished my daugher well!

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A Very Young Dancer was my favorite book as a child. I have always been curious about what happened to Stephanie, the little girl in the book. Does anyone know?


All, I guess I have the most current information about Stephanie Selby, and it is, unfortunately, quite old. Stephanie and I were in college together. We were friends and she actually gave me her copy of A Very Young Dancer. She was a wonderful person, but unfortunately I lost touch with her many years ago. I have tried to find her, and in this electronic age of facebook, etc. it is very hard to stay anonymous, but Stephanie was always very private and I have not managed to ever find her. Every few years I check, and it was one of these 'checks' that led me to find this thread. I'm sorry I couldn't provide more information. All I can say is she was a wonderful person, and I wish I were still in contact with her.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Lawrence Gould!!! Thank you for sharing.

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