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Major Crisis - Broken Foot


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Hi everyone,

I just broke my foot- I got diagonsed with a stress fracture in my right foot last week but thought I could dance on it to do a very important performance this weekend- but it broke completely in rehearsal the other day. Now it looks like I will have to have surgery on it. How do I stay in shape so I can come back strong? How do I not go completely insane? Are my teachers going to lose faith in me and not cast me well? Help, please! Thanks.

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Now is the time for you to follow every word of your doctor's advice to the letter! See what s/he advises in terms of physical activity to keep you in dancing trim, or even ask for a referral to a sports medicine specialist. (Performance medicine docs are hard to find outside of major metro centers.) I can't think of a teacher worthy of the name who would hold a dancer's getting injured against her! But a lesson for the future: Get a stress fracture - STOP!

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Also while you are convalescing, read all you can! If you can't do a lot of physical stuff for a while, use the time you would have been in class to read about technique and history of ballet, that might help you to get cast really well next time. Get well soon! smile.gif

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The initial recovery period right after the surgery would the most difficult, especially if your leg/foot would be in the cast. Do keep a positive outlook on it, get lots of positive emotional support from people who cares and loves you. And your doctor and/or physiotherapist would be the most important people to listen to in terms of the well-being and progress of your foot after surgery.


Like Lolly mentioned, reading helps, as with TV, radio (your favourite music), and Internet (if it's easily accessible while you're recuperating). Time for you to brush up your ballet technique by reading and once you're allowed to do ballet again, you can put the knowledge gained to good use. smile.gif


It could take as short as 3 months or as long as 6 months to recover from foot surgery. I'm saying from my own experience. My initial recovery period took 3 months immediately after surgery and another 3 months to feel some what "normal" again; to be on both my feet without much difficulties. I hope you'll do well and do take care.




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This latest is advice you can take to the bank! Pointe had to have her foot basically taken apart and reassembled surgically, so she knows what she's talking about! smile.gif

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Guest hesterlover1

Swanilda, I'm so sorry! frown.gif I have somewhat of an idea how you must feel... I broke my foot dancing three years ago--a week before I was supposed to take an exam--and it was totally devastating. I was really depressed, worrying that all the other girls in my dance class would get ahead of me, and basically being miserable because I couldn't dance... But now, I'm really glad I did everything the doctor said, because it was torture, but my foot is totally healed with no repurcussions! One word of advice is make sure you get physical therapy once you're ready for it...my recovery would've taken a lot longer without it!! It actually ended up being a turning point in my dancing, because when I could dance, I realized how much I loved ballet, and when I had recovered, I worked much harder in class...and eventually passed all those girls I'd worried would get ahead of me!! It renewed my dedication and drive to dance. I'm really sorry about your injury, and my best wishes for you as you're recovering!

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