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any updates on the Ailey school? Would love to hear anything about the pre-pro or scholarship program.

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My daughter attends the BFA program. This is her first year. She is trained in classical ballet and wanted to expand her horizons. She loves it. Ballet is required. So is modern´╝îHorton, and west African. The other students have a variety of backgrounds. Some have been trained primarily in modern with little ballet experience. Body types are varied. Opportunity seems to abound.

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Just wondering if anyone has had recent experience with Ailey Certificate or Independent Study year- round program. DS was accepted - I don't know how competitive it is to get in. There seems to be very little written about the Ailey Program in general.

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DD is in the BFA program as a freshman this year. Something I didn't realize is that BFA's and certificate students dance in the same technique classes based on level. Their programs are different though outside of technique. Ailey BFA students are also Fordham University students, and as dance majors have several classroom oriented dance requirements like Anatomy, Dance History etc. in addition to the Fordham core requirements.

I agree that it is not easy to gather information about Ailey programs on line and I would suggest an in person all day visit if they offer that, which I bet they do. Then DS could get an accurate perspective and ask his questions.

DD is a well trained and highly experienced young dancer who finds the training extremely effective and challenging, if that helps at all. The ballet in particular is very strong.

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