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Hi, I am looking for BEGINNER barre/center ballet CD music, and I need the time signature info to be included for each selection. The music selections can be either classical or contemporary. Any suggestions?

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Dances with Margot Hi Agnes, I have tried to post a link to the website of Margot Kazimirska. She has a wonderful series of CDs - the one you probably want is volume 3 "Music for Children's Ballet Class. There is a wealth of wonderful music, with time signatures arranged in two simple classes.
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Much thanks, Doubleturn. I am looking into buying a couple of the CD's. Hopefully, they are available from Amazon.

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Here is a thread from the Teacher's Forum Agnes, that may help. I don't know if the CDs contain the time sigs., but they are ones that other teachers use:

CDs for class

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I looked through the thread Clara76 found. And I also looked through Amazon. Here are two CD's with their complete tracks. What do you think abt the completeness of these selections for beginning ballet exercises (any exercise missing)?


Music for the Beginners' Ballet Class(Vol. 2)

1. Plies - slow 6/8-Field

2. Battements Tendus - moderately slow 4/4-Grieg

3. Battements Tendus Degages - moderately fast 2/4-Haydn

4. Battements Tendus Fondus - slow 6/8-Baker

5. Ronds de Jambe a Terre - moderate 3/4-Pacher

6. Adagio - slow 6/8-Wagner

7. Battements Frappes - moderate 2/4-Strauss

8. Petits Battements sur le Cou-de-Pied - moderately fast 4/4-Gluck

9. Ronds de Jambe en l'air- moderate 3/4-Bohm

10. Grands Battements - moderately slow 4/4-Gluck

11. Exercice au Milieu - andante 4/4-Mozart

12. Adagio - moderately slow 6/8-Auber

13. Pirouette sur Place - moderate 3/4-Lumbye

14. Allegro Technique #1 - moderate 3/4-Tchaikovsky

15. Allegro Technique #2 - moderate 6/8-Auber

16. Allegro Technique #3 - moderately fast 3/4-Minkus

17. Allegro Technique #4 - moderately fast 6/8-Glazounov

18. Allegro Technique #5 - moderately fast 3/4-Glazounov

19. Technique en Diagonale - 64 bars,moderate 6/8-Auber

20. Technique for Big Jumps - moderately fast 2/4-Paulli

21. Technique for Smalll Jumps - moderate 2/4-Mendelssohn

22. Port de Bras & Reverence - slow 4/4-Martini


Music for Ballet Class

1. Warm- Up Tendu 2/4 Tchaikovsky

2. Plie 4/4 Stolyar

3. Tendu 4/4 Spachik

4. Tendu With Plie 3/4 Russian Folk

5. Degage'(Battemant Jete') Russian Folk

6. Rond De Jambe Par Terre 3/4 Brahms

7. Fondu 3/4 Russian Folk

8. Frappe' 2/4 K.F. Bach

9. Adagio 4/4 Paganini

10. Petit Battement 3/4 Kramer

11. Strech 3/4 Unknown

12. Adagio 6/8 Van Zuppe'

13. Battement Tendu 2/4 Glazunov

14. Fondu Or Ronde De Jambe Par Terre 3/4 Drigo

15. Pirouettes Or Ronde De Jamb En'Lair 3/4 Rimsky-Korsakov

16. Slow Pirouettes 3/4 Dvorak

17. Grande Battemant 2/4 Stolyar

18. Small Jumps 2/4 Adam

19. Ensemble' 2/4 Minkus

20. Jete' 2/4 Drigo

21. Sissonne Petit Cabriole 6/8 Schumann

22. Sissonne Fermee' 3/4 Van Zuppe'

23. Grande Allegro ( Grande Sissonne ) 3/4 Russian Folk

24. Grande Allegro 3/4 Stolyar

25. Fouette' Turns Or Pique En Tournant 2/4 Drigo

26. Grande Reverance Or Port De Bras 2/4 Tchaikovsky

27. grande reverance' or port de bras 2/4 Tchaikovsky "Black Swan"

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Oh do I have some goodies for you Agnes!

Musical Gems is the name of a series of CDs by Craig Wingrove. Each CD has something unique. They are all arranged in a class formatt. I believe #3 is for pre primary aged students. He is a pianist with the National Ballet School and Company in Canada. You could contact the school or their store the Shoe Room. They should carry them.

Also, Nina Pizzarone a pianist out of San Francisco has four CDs that I know of.

Hope this helps.

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