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Mens class-- yeah!


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We finally received my son's end-of-year evaluation, and he was relieved to find that he was included with the Level 1 students who were promoted to Level 2. He'd been checking the mailbox daily, so we were glad to finally get the word. :shhh:


Even better than that, there is a good chance that the academy will now have seperate men's technique classes for the lower level boys. His teacher says these classes are a "possibility", but the schedule we received from the academy in his registration packet had the classes listed alongside the regular technique classes. Yeah! He is practically giddy at the thought of having ZERO girls in his ballet classes! I'm very excited for him. :)


Oh, and as for our summer off from ballet, that lasted a month and then he was begging to go to ballet again. So, he's taking some classes at a local studio this month.

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:) Great news slhogan - he must be so excited to be in an all boys' class in the fall. My older son is giddy this summer to be dancing with many young men at his SI in Banff. He loves the class atmosphere, the in-class "competition" - he finds it extremely motivating and challenging. He finds himself doing more turns, higher jumps, etc. Your son may find the same thing. Just to take class outside that sea of pink legs once a day or a few times a week was a welcome break for my DS.


Enjoy the summer! :shhh:

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That's great!!! :)

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Very cool slhogan! My son had his first ever men's class yesterday (he is 12) and he was just beside himself! We had to take him out of town to do it, but it was a great experience. I think he would have loved having all-boys classes as a little guy, although he has also really enjoyed the time he's spent with the girls at his studios.

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I was talking to a ballet teacher today (not from ds's ballet school) about the possibility that my son would be in all-male ballet classes in the fall. She sort of scowled a little and questioned the wisdom of having boys seperated. After all, they do need to learn to be with girls.


I was thinking about this and decided-- how is this any different from the majority of girls who are never exposed to boys in their lower level ballet classes? I'd venture to guess that most girls never dance near a boy until they are in the upper levels. So, how is it any different if a boy never dances near a girl until he's older? I don't see a difference at all. :unsure:


On a side note... ds is taking a few classes at a local dance studio this month. I was standing at the window watching him (a luxury I don't have at his regular ballet academy!), and a little girl, waiting for the next class to begin, stared at the window and then loudly said "Who let that BOY in there! Boys aren't allowed in ballet class!" I had to laugh. Why get offended by a little girl?

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Slhogan, we've had the same experiences with little girls (and their parents, too) being shocked and even angry that a boy has "infiltrated" their studio. Haha. Yeah, it is funny in a way, but it also gets old real fast. If you look back at some of my older posts you'll see what can be the end result of this type of sentiment around ballet schools.


Your son is lucky to be at a school where he can take boy's classes regularly! My son just had his first taste of men's classes last week and he LOVES it.

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I think Men's classes are fantastic as a supplement to their regular ballet class schedule.

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There was a girl in my boys class, when he was 6, who told him that boys don't do ballet. The teacher told him to tell girls who would ever be mean to him again, that in the future he would drop them when he has to hold them in partnering class....


All boys classes are great and my ds loves it!

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My gut reaction to what that teacher told him to say to uneducated girls was that perhaps he shouldn't sink to their level. However, I certainly do understand the frustration that could make stating a comment like that feel really good! :blushing:


As a teacher, I would prefer to handle things on my end by starting off the year talking about how happy I am that we have some male dancers in our class, because when we become advanced dancers, we will be dancing with each other all the time. I would admonish anyone who laughed at the males, or tried to poke fun, and I would explain that I will not tolerate anything less than respect to each other.


Then, if I found out that a girl had said something like that to a male dancer, I would most definitely speak with her, and depending upon her response, might ask for a conference with her and her parents.

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As a male dancer i remember the first all boys class i did. To tell you the truth it not that much different. At a young age a boys class doesn't really consist of anything different than a girls class, but what it makes you feel is exceptance. Up until then I had only known a few other boys who danced, now I was in a class with 15 others. It is important for young boys to meet up with other boys who have the same passion for ballet (or there mums same passion for ballet:) )

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I just wanted to say hi. My son is very good friends with slhogan's son. My son just tried out for Houston Ballet and made it. He is almost nine and he is so excited to be in a boy's class. For the last year he has told me that he didn't mind being the only boy in class, but the way his face lit up we he found out he could go to an all boy's class :) . Plus I get to car pool with slhogan ( another bonus ).

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Jaime D!! :thumbsup: Feel free to introduce yourself over in the Welcome forum so you can have an official Welcome from our Welcome Lady.


Congratulations to your son and we're glad you found us. :)

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Happy Day! We just got the word that the tentative boys class is now a reality. Yeah!!! DS (level 2) will take 2 one hour technique classes a week and there will be ZERO girls in his classes. He is just beside himself with joy. As he pointed out to me, now he won't feel obligated to wear his "Jingle Bells, All Girls Smell" T-shirt as a cover-up in the lobby anymore.


Yes, he's anti-girls. I suppose he will eventually outgrow it :sweating:

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Congratulations, slhogan and DS! The boys classes will be great for the little guys, I'm sure they will have a fabulous year! It's a shame more schools aren't able to offer boys classes. You and DS are very lucky to be at HBA. :sweating:

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