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My film in Cincinnati

2 Left Feet

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Hey, all:


You may have seen the other post about the doc playing in Cincinnati on July 21st.


To help spread the word I've been writing local dance studios with adult ballet classes to see if I can send them postcards promoting the film and the festival. I've written to the Cincinnati Ballet and Ballet Tech to see if they'll put some cards out if I send them to them. I went to a class once at a place called de la art space but I can't find a website on them to email them. Are they still in business?


Any thoughts on other dance studios with adult classes I should send postcards to?



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De-La Arts Place

3098 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209

phone: (513) 871-0914



de la Arts Place

Mario de la Nuez

3098 Madison Road

Cincinnati, OH


E-mail: delaartsplace@earthlink.net

Discipline: Multi-Arts

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If you are casting your net a little wider try:

The Lexington Ballet

Arts Place

161 North Mill Street

Lexington, KY 40507-1125




We have adult classes going on thru July so they might be willing to spread the word.




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Summer classes at CCM prep have some adults in the upper level classes. This also may hit some college age dancers.


The contact information is:

Phone: (513) 556-2595


Fax: (513) 556-9988

Email: ccmprep@uc.edu


Web: www.ccm.uc.edu/prep/

Dance department

Post: PO Box 210236

Cincinnati, OH 45221-9988


Along those lines you might send it to the CCM dance department but I am not sure they have classes in the summer or how many students are around dancing.

Dance Division

College-Conservatory of Music

University of Cincinnati

P.O. Box 210003

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0003

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Also, since both Lexington and Louisville Kentucky are just an hour or so away - send to Bluegrass Youth Ballet (Lexington's largest ballet school, with an active adult dancer population) www.bluegrassyouthballet.com and Louisville Ballet. You might also want to send one to BalletMet Columbus, also a reasonable drive away. All those places have summer classes/programs, and would be happy to post your information.

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I'd love to send posters and postcards out to Lexington, Louisville and Columbus because they're so close. I'm just afraid to have people make that drive then show up and find they can't get tickets. If the festival allowed advanced reservations I'd send posters to those cities in a minute. As is, I'm not sure how many people it can fit or if it gets sold out or what.


My biggest fear is people showing up and not being able to get in.


Just an idea, if there was a place we could do a private showing on the Sunday after (July 22nd), I could open it up to anyone who lives nearby and be able to guarantee people could see it. I'm still desperately in need of finishing funds so we could even try to make it some kind of fundraiser. I just don't have a place to do it.

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2 left feet

Would you be so kind as to give the details of when and where your film is being shown Cincinnati on this thread too?

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Here's the details:


Saturday, July 21st

3:00 PM

Crowne Plaza Hotel

5901 Pfieffer Road

Blue Ash

Room 2


Tickets: $12.00 or $20.00 for a day pass for the festival (all films).


It's part of the Big Damn Film Fest. Tickets cannot be purchased in advance and are first come first serve only. They're being sold in blocks which means your ticket price gets you into all films in that block -- not bad for $12.00! You can see all the films you want all day long for only $20.00. A bargain! The block I'm in runs from about 12:30PM to 6PM.


Another dancer emailed me an suggested I contact the Cincy Ballet about using their theater on Sunday for a showing for those who can't get tickets to the festival. I'll talk to them on Monday and see if we can work something out.


In the meantime, today I shipped out posters and cards promoting the film to the dance studios I know of that have adult classes and some of the dancewear shops in town. By the end of next week you should see posters in windows and postcards laying about. :shrug:

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Good news!


The Cincinnati Art Museum will let me use their theater to show the film on Sunday, July 22nd for those who cannot get into the festival or for people who can't make the drive up in time to buy tickets. So, we could go ahead and plan a second showing on Sunday if people want to see the film


That said: I cannot do this on my own because I don't have the resources to try to get lots of people into the theater on Sunday. If you live anywhere from Lexington to Louisville to Columbus or even Indianapolis and want to see the film on Sunday the 22nd or can help me organize enough people to make it happen, I'm game :wub: Get a group and pile them in the car and make a road trip out of it. I can get the theater between the hours of 11 and 5 on Sunday the 22nd.


There's a small cost, only $150.00 which we could cover through donations.


This is very doable but I need dancers in the area to help spread the word. Let me know if you can help and I'll make it happen.



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I know my dd and many of her dancing friends would love to see it, but unfortunately, they are all away at various SIs. Also, most of the Cincinnati Ballet Company dancers are out of town until August.


Any chance you'll be in Cincinnati another time to show it?

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Don't know when I'll be back Cincinnati way again. I'm kind of blowing the last of the cash making this one happen :blushing:


There will definitely be a second showing in Cincinnati next weekend. I've put the Cincinnati Art Museum theater on hold for Sunday, July 22nd. I'll firm that up tomorrow or Friday then post times and details. So, if you don't want to risk not getting a ticket to the festival on Saturday, there will definitely be room at the Sunday screening. But I'm not selling tickets. Just show up, make a contribution of whatever you can and enjoy. And if you can't make a contribution, come on in and enjoy anyway. As long as I get my Greaters fix afterward I'll be a happy man. :grinning:

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Thanks, Ed. Well if you come again, let us know.


I'd love to see it next weekend, but I'll be out of town too. I hope you have a huge crowd! Enjoy your favorite flavor at Graeters!

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The Sunday screening in Cincinnati is definitely happening :)


Where and when:


Cincinnati Museum of Art

Eden Park

Cincinnati, Ohio



1:00 PM, Sunday, July 22nd.

Admission: Free but donations gladly accepted :grinning:

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Thanks for the better shot at getting in to see the film. I was going to wimp out on the Saturday one; too risky.

I will mention it before class this week to anyone who shows up in time to hear about it. Maybe we will have a few more people to come????



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