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arms in Ballone????


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When you do a ballone a la seconde, I know there are a few differant arm positions that you can use. I want to know about two in particular. My teacher was talking about the rpos and cons of taking the arm up and thru en dedan from second thru high fifth, and how you could do it en dehor by going up the middle to high fifth then opening to second. I know they are both right but was wondering if they come from differant schools?

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Hello sunflowerdncr, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I'm not sure of which method might use those arms, but I have always used the lower position (3rd) on the landing of the balloné. When the working leg is à la seconde the arms are also in seconde. When the balloné is over, ending in front, the opposite arm would be front. When the balloné is under it is often the same arm as working leg, although the opposite is also used. I have never used the arm overhead in a high 5th for balloné side over or under, but I have used it for traveling en diagonal with ballonés en avant.

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The general arms for ballone to the side are as Ms. Leigh has described, either rounded or allonge, however I suppose choreographically any thing is possible. Versions of arm usage are not from any particular school, however the shape of the arms maybe as well as how the fingers are grouped.

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Thanks! thats what occured to me after I made the post. Slight moment of confusion....I've been having alot of those lately!!

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