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Sore rotator area


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I've been having a little soreness/pain? (I'm not sure which) on the inside of my legs in the groin area. It isn't very intense and doesn't last long, but I'm not quite sure why I have it. And I wondered what I can do for it (since I heard you aren't supposed to stretch out this area if it is injured??) and if I should be very concerned, or if it should get better with a bit of rest. The only thing I think could have caused it is I've been using the muscles more lately so as not to rely on my knees as much. (I've had a bit of knee pain and have been to the doctor, so I'm working to turn out properly...and really using the inner thighs...so perhaps that is the problem.) So does anyone know what I can do for this. Or do you think I am still using the wrong muscles? Thanks a lot!


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If it's only a slight pain, and transient, as you describe, then simple expedients will do the trick. Simple expedient #1: Rub it, gently. Simple expedient #2: Ice it, once only. It sounds as though you're working muscles not used to working, so they naturally will complain a little bit. wink.gif

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