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Please indulge me with this topic.


I am so greatful to be able to dance ballet, and to have a studio and instructor that appreciates having a male dancer in class. My instructor works with me like any other student and I continue to improve. I always show up on time for class and I always try to do my best (and have fun!). :wub:


I have no idea what draws me to ballet, or why I keep coming back. Like most of you, I have dealt with sneers, jeers and cheers. I have expereinced good instructors and not-so-good instructors, studios that are welcoming and those that are not. When I tell people that I take ballet classes, they give me the look (most of you know what I am talking about). Yet I keep coming back. Why? :o


I do not know the answer. I know that I will never be a professional dancer (and that's okay!), but I also know that I am a different person when I dance, and I like that person. Ballet consumes me to the point that sometimes I cannot think about anything else. And so I keep coming back. :blink:


I understand that Ballet is not perfect. There will be bad instructors, problems with the studio, no dressing rooms, people laughing or making fun of us - the list goes on and on. But even with all the problems male dancers experience, I cannot help but feel grateful that I have had and continue to have the opportunity to experience this wonderful art. :D


That's all I wanted to say. I truly love to dance ballet, for all its good points and bad points, and I hope the feeling never ends. Don't ask me why. :shrug:

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Thank you for that, Joseph. If any of us were pressed on WHY we dance, I imagine we couldn't come up with any better answer than you did.

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I can relate to what you have wrote Joseph.


I am very lucky to have found a very good female teacher who has encouraged me to practice for a ballet exam.Hopefully I will take the exam later this year.


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I must say I've been really lucky, all the teachers I've met so far have been really supportive and everyone here are so helpfull and kind its great!


It's so good when you get into it, and I'm the last person anyone would expect to be doing ballet. The last thing i did was Ice/Roller Hockey and before that Skateboarding/Skating/Snowboarding so its a big change for me but it's something i've always wanted to do.


I'm glad your having the same excellent experience as me!



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