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Hi and thank you to all that have answered my questions so far. Hopefully you can help me with my new one.


My DD attended a summer program for young dancers. I would like to request an evaluation but I'm not sure what exactly to ask for. I know that I should ask about strengths and weaknesses but what else should I ask?


If this is posted somewhere else I'm sorry for reposting. I did a search and didn't come up with anything.





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I think this is a great idea. I would suggest that you approach the teacher(s) just the way you have initiated the topic here.


You might also ask what, if anything, they suggest your dancer focus on over the coming months.


All the best,



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Here's what's included on my DKs semi-annual evaluations. You may want to request input in these catagories.


Physical Ability- This is where they discuss both the positive and negitives of DK's body and give instruction on improving those things such as turnout, extension, flexibilty, strength, articulation of the feet, and so on.


Technical Skills- This is where they discuss particular technical problems that my DKs consistantly need correction on. They also acknowledge progress in overcoming previous technical problems.


Presentation- Here they discuss the DK's demeanor and deportment in class. Such as "You look as if you are enjoying the class," or "You appear too serious."


General Comment- This could be anything such as "You have profession potential," or "Your parents need to make an appointment to meet with the director and teachers."

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Wow, Thanks so much. I think that is just what I was looking for.

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Guest dreamofdance

Do most summer programs provide end-of-session evalutations or is it something you need to specifically request? I think they would be extremely helpful to take back to your home studio especially for the younger dancers who may be away for the first time.

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Most do not provide them. There are some that do but remember in providing the evaluations they also want to encourage you to return so they are generally written in a very positive manner and with a few tips to take to the home school but not the evaluation that most of us would in reality be looking for.


They are nice to see however.

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For parents of the younger students there will always be a possibility to talk to the teachers (during open days, at the end of the session etc.). "Vicarious" post is very helpful in making a list of questions of what you want to ask/know about your dk. Be very well prepared and straight to the point. You, as a parent, know what you want to see improved etc. during the Summer Sessions, based on the end of the year evaluations of the regular school/studio.

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DD's SI only does evaluations for SI students by request. So even if the program your DK is going to doesn't do them for everyone, it can't hurt to ask. Just be sure to them plenty of time. 10 days should be good.

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The SI my son is attending this year will provide an evaluation letter to your home teacher. The registration packet includes a form to fill out to have the letter sent to your teacher.

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