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Guest sugarplummy5

Does anyone know about the program there? They offer "classical dance technique" through level IV, but I don't know exactly what that means. It seems odd (and slightly suspicious) that they wouldn't call it ballet. I also don't know how advanced level IV would be.

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Mel Johnson

The Dance Department at Cornell states outright, "The majority of dance courses taught are in modern, primarily influenced by Cunningham technique." I find the scrupulous avoidance of the term "ballet" in "classical dance technique" rather suspicious as well, and people I've known who went there said that they had to seek ballet classes in the surrounding community if they wanted to maintain or improve their ballet technique. Clearly, the Cornell program is not aimed toward career ballet dancers.

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sugarplummy, Ithaca Ballet and the Ballet Center of Ithaca (the school) offer classical ballet training near Cornell. Contact Alice Reid at 607-257-6066.

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