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School and Ballet anxiety

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Guest pink tights

Reading the thread on the Over 13 board about the end of summer and the anticipation of fall, made me realize I'm not alone in my anxiety. More homework, MS social activies, major school projects, ballet, quality family time: how do we balance it all?

How are other Under 13 families feeling with the fall season rapidily approaching?

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My dd starts junior high this fall also.

However, we haven't had time yet to worry about it we have been so busy this summer.

DD is excited because of off campus pe, so she doesn't have to take gym class and she gets out an hour early. But new Texas laws are now requiring pe testing!! I hope it doesn't interfere with off campus PE!

Also, most of the teachers post assignments on their websites for the whole week, or month, so she will be able to work ahead on her one day off.

As for Nut, we are just excited to have found a studio close to us that is doing one. DD doesn't care what role she gets as long as she gets one!


We have over a month still before school starts, so I guess I am in denial of any stress about it!!

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I don't have the same anxieties about MS because my DD will be doing a distance learning program instead of traditional Middle School. She is thrilled at the schedule though, she will be able to do most everything in 3 - 4 days. We are hoping that taking this step will be a blessing for us.


She is training during the day this year a few days a week, so it will be a much easier schedule. Although she is still going to be at the studio

15 + hrs a week.


Nut casting comes early for us, and rehearsals are tough!


My anxieties are more of the ...will she really be happy with our new situation!?


Good luck to all though!

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DS is 12, he is homeschooling again this year, so none of us are really anxious about school. We started homeschooling last year, and found that it really worked out well for all of us--DS wound up getting more work done in much less time, and felt like he had more energy for ballet.


We will have the same amount of ballet classes as we did last year, but thankfully, we will not have a bunch of rehearsals as he's not doing the youth ballet or a Nut this year. We decided to cut out all that and just focus on training for this year, and see how that goes. It also frees him up to do other stuff, like play tennis or golf, or swim. The other bonus is that we can leave town to see a big company do Nut rather than being stuck here for the entire holiday season.


I guess we are sort of in the same position as Small Slipper, in that we are hoping he's happy with the choices we've made for the year. He's pretty easygoing, so I guess if he isn't, he'll just get through the year and do things differently next year.


Best wishes to everyone, I know it is a stressful time!

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I can totally relate to your feelings, pink tights. My dd will be entering a middle school program this year. My son has been in the program for a year, and it's wonderful - but he's an older child in his grade, and my dd's young for her grade. It's a mixed age class, 6 - 8 graders, and since she's a young 6th grader, I have a bit of anxiety about that. Because the program is so small (about 15 to 20 kids in the class each year), I think she'll do fine, but it's strange thinking of my barely 11 year old sitting in class with kids who are 13, some turning 14! My son blossomed last year, his first in the program, so I'm hoping it will be equally positive for my dd.


It's a home study program, but the kids go to classes at least 2 days a week, and sometimes have something to do there 5 days a week, depending upon how involved they want to be (dd and ds want to be very involved, so they're there a lot! :rolleyes: ). School work at home then takes an additional 15 to 20 hours per week at the middle school level.


Dd's dance hours are also increasing. We've finally completely cut the cord at her old recreational dance studio, so at least we won't have to deal with that, but she'll still be taking classes 5 days per week: 4 ninety minute ballet technique classes, two 30 minute pre-pointe, evolving to pointe mid-year, 1 90 minute modern, and one 60 minute jazz :sweating:. And for the first time her ballet studio will be putting on a ballet in December rather than just having an in-class demonstration. Auditions are in September, and they'll have rehearsals for 2 - 3 hours on Saturdays in addition to all their classes. I think it's a lot of hours, and if it proves to be too much, she can drop the modern, and only have 4 days a week of dance


Both of my kids have their eyes on a highly academic charter high school, so we also have to find foreign language classes for them to take. How are we going to fit it all in? Somehow, it all ends up working out, but boy are we going to be busy! Aaach, I don't think I've really laid it all until now. O.K. now the anxiety really is starting to kick in!

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