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Television: Ballet High- Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

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Merit motion pictures has annouced

"Ballet High. A 1 x 90 minute feature HD documentary following the graduating class of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional School as they prepare to say goodbye to the school, teachers and friends, and enter the competitive world of professional dance. Co-produced with vonnie VON HELMOLT film. Scheduled to premiere on BRAVO! in 2008."


This should make for an interesting year for DD as one of the students in that class! Filming will begin in September!

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Oh, Balletmom - that is excellent!! Will look forward to seeing your DD and her classmates. I hope all that having cameras around constantly will not be too stressful for such an important year, yet may give them additional exposure/assistance in developing their dance careers. Best wishes.

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Two of the girls featured in Ballet girls are in the 2007/2008 graduating class. I think there will be 7 girls and 5 boys this year.

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It'll be great to see some of the same dancers after a few (?) years.

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Sorry, I am not comfortable naming the girls on a public forum.

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A little off topic, but does anyone know where I can find the documentry "Ballet Girls" on the internet? I tried a search with Bravo, but the link is broken...

thanks for the help!


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Try googling Merit Motion Pictures. I think I tried that the other day after balletmom311 posted and it worked. You'll see information about other films Merit has done, but Ballet Girls is there too.



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The premiere is scheduled to air on Bravo (Canada) April 2, 2009. See the link attached




here is a link to the press release on the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School website



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It does look interesting, but the link does not work on South Florida. :devil:

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Merit Motion pictures has released three clips on you tube for anyone who is interested. If you go to you tube and do a search for Merit Motion

Pictures Ballet High you will see them.

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How exciting for you and your dd balletmom311! My dd knows a boy who will be in his last year in September, but I didn't see him in one of the clips. As well, one of her former ballet teachers is now at RWBS - maybe we will catch a glimpse!

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