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Television: Ballet High- Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

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Yes we are excited, but also a little nervous. DD found living in the spotlight of cameras for the whole year very difficult. It added to an already stressful time in her life. She moved out of residence, so was learning to take care of herself. One of her dear friends passed away. DD also struggled with injuries and her confidence as a dancer. All this while being the president of school counsel, organizing grad, being the editor of the year book and choreographing for first steps.


Towards the end of her year she was so exhausted from living under a microscope that she tried to stay out of the cameras as much as possible. Please don’t get me wrong, the director and the film crew where amazing! However, the filming of a documentrary is by it's definition intrusive.


I hope the documentary gives the viewers a realistic insight into the life of a professional ballet student. Over the years we have seen so many beautiful children start down this path and find roadblock after roadblock. The reality is, many start, few finish and even fewer will get jobs! I often read these boards and in particular the parents of dancers under 13 forum and I wonder, are these parents as uninformed as I was about the ballet world.


I still remember my very first post on another board, I was looking to connect with other parents who had experienced what I was, having a child leave home at 12 and instead I received a birage of posts berating and judging me as a parent for allowing my child to leave home.


I can honestly tell you that if we had to make these choices again I would do my best to convince my shild to stay at home a few more years. I missed her so much and I missed so much of her growing up. I have asked DD if she would change her decision to go and she would not. She loves her life and she loves to dance. Now she is onto the next stage, trying tol find a job!

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balletmom311, as the mother of the 1st dancer to sleep in the new residence and subsequently move in 3 weeks later at only 6 weeks into age 12 I so conquer what your expressing. However after all the trials and tribulations that ensued on DD's journey, she wouldn't not have moved either. I on the otherhand might have changed a few things on this journey!! :innocent: I await this program with glee..DD and I have made many treasured friends there!

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Oh how I hope that these make youtube or some other online availability!!!

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Thank you for this link mom2, I so enjoyed his First Steps piece, brought back many wonderful memories. DD was fortunate enough to win the Paddy Stone Award for her piece way back in '99.

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This documentary showed up on TiVo for me from a channel I didn't even know I had (Logo TV?!). I know it is a few years old but I previewed it and it looks great. I can't wait to watch the whole thing with DD. It looks like you can also view it online: http://www.logotv.com/video/ballet-high/1661605/playlist.jhtml

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Thanks for the link. I just pulled it up and will watch it when I have time for break with a cup of coffee. It looks very interesting!

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My dd was a student at RWBS when this was filmed. Some of her good friends are featured. Featured dancers were all in their graduating year during the filming. It was a VERY intense year for those dancers - the graduating year is challenging enough, but add the lights and cameras to most days and ... I think they are all awesome young people.

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There has been some discussion lately on another forum about pdd, so I thought perhaps it would be interesting to see a clip of partnering work from Ballet High. I've been thinking about one of the clips over the last few days - not a situation easily anticipated!


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