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Fall schedule at possible new school


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We are thinking of changing ballet schools. One school we are considering proposed the schedule below. DD is turning 13 in 2 weeks, has been on pointe for 1.5 years. Would the following schedule be sufficient for her age? She wants to stay on an intensive track. She is concerned that there may not be enough pointe work?


Day 1

4-5:30 Technique

5:30-6:30 Pointe


Day 2

5-7 Tech.


Day 3

5:30-7 Tech.


Day 4

9-10:30 Tech.

10:30-11:30 Pointe


Day 5

11:30-12:45 Tech.


Total for week

7 hours Technique

2 hours pointe


Plus option to add another open tech & pointe class at another location, on other days.


Any advice would be appreciated.


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Day 5 technique class a bit short, and I would like to see a third pointe class, but, it's not bad for this year at just turning 13. Any chance there is some pointe work in the two hour technique class on Day 2?

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Ms. Leigh,


I do not know if there will be any pointe in the tech. class on day 2. It was not mentioned. So I assume that this would probably be the least amount of classes that someone should take at this age?

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