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Funding overseas study...need ideas!!

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I'm a canadian citizen but studying in London, England. I am going into my final year of a pre-professional training program, that by the end will earn me a BA and hopefully a job. My parents were able to fund last year, but it cost more than what was originally expected and because of international fees and stuff i basically spent all my uni savings on the one year. This last year is very important and i need to go as its an amazing opportunity, solid training, and will be given the chance to work with well known choreorgraphers, get to tour the UK performing, and will hopefully land a job.


But the thing is i don't think my parents can find the year and i can't financially burden them any more than i already have, it's just not fair. So it's up to me....i'm going to try and take out a loan, but we all know that on a dancers salary a loan of this magnitude will basically cripple me for the next ten+ years!! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions where to look. Scholarships that i actually qualify for as a canadian student studying ballet in the UK are very few, and i'm not really sure how to go about trying to look for a sponsor, bc it seems big companies want to sponsor bigger athletes for obvious reasons as they will be in the media spotlight.


Anyways any suggestions would be helpful and very much appreciated...I'm really stressing about this!!!!! :offtopic: Thanks so much!!!!!



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I am not sure where in London you are studying (university setting or conservatoire-based), but have you enquired within your institution about performance-based scholarships or work/study-based scholarships (more likely in conservatoires rather than in dance departments of universities)?

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