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Books: Can you recommend good fiction?

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Can anyone recomend any good ballet books, fictional or real, Im going on a couple long trips this year and need something to read. I am specifically looking for a good ballet vocabulary book. If this is the wrong board, please move or deleate it. Thanks!


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Jhora, just click on Ballet Alert Online, below, and that will take you to the home page of Ballet Alert! From there, go to The Studio, and there is a section there with a list of recommended books. My favorite is Gretchen Ward Warren's "Classical Ballet Technique". It is large and fairly expensive, but worth it!

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Depends on what type of ballet books you're interested. Some categories include biography, technique, fiction, dance injuries/medicine, and children's books. Some of my favourites:


Maria Tallchief: The American Prima Ballerina


Gelsey Kirkland: Dancing On My Grave


Bernard Taper: George Balanchine


Daniel D. Arnheim: Dance Injuries: Their Prevention And Care


Edward Stewart: Ballerina (fiction)


Two books that I read good reviews but haven't actually read the books yet:


Suzanne Farrell: Holding On To Air


Maya Plitsetskaya: I, Maya Plitsetskaya


For ballet vocabulary, technique related books is a good recommendation, like the one by Ms. Leigh. A good ballet dictionary helps. The ballet dictionary by RAD is a good one, I've seen it but I don't own it.


Most ballet books are expensive, so either be prepared to spend or you may also buy them 2nd hand, which may be 10% to 30% cheaper than new books, depending on how old the books are. Also, 2nd hand books may be hard to come by, as most people don't sell them readily; they are like collectors' items.

Hope this helps.


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Guest LilacGirl

I know of two webistes with used or older books they are half.com and abebooks.com.

I got books 1-8(so far) of the satin Slippers series, 1-5 of Drina, the Noel Streetfield books (2 of them), the Children of Theatre street book, the videos to Turning Point, Backstage at the Kirov, Karen Kain bio and Gretchen Ward warren book for a total of around 30 dollars. I highly reccomend these sites!

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Darcey Bussell's book A Life In Dance is wonderful, i've read it more times than I can count! It's one of my favourites. I agree the Drina books are great, but they are out of print in UK, not sure about anywhere else. The RAD vocabulary book is very useful if you learn the syllabus, but probably confusing if you don't - i'm not sure you can learn a new technique from a dictionary.

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Im not trying to teach myself technique, but trying to brush up on the terms for things, I had a little break from dancing and my memries a bit fuzzy and I want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks for the great suggestions, looks like Im heading to the bookstore tomorrow

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