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Well, this doesn't have to do with ballet, but it does have to do with dance (and could pertain to ballet).


I had placement auditions for my dance studio today; basically, we take class and later, the teachers tell us what level we should take this coming year.

Last year, I was moved up to the highest level of tap. In that level, there were only 4 people.

At the end of the audition today, my teacher pulled me aside and said that she wanted me to move down a level because I hadn't progressed as much as the other dancers. Is this right?

Unless other people move up (which seems totally unfair to me), there will only be 2 people in that class this coming year (the other girl is going away to college).

I'm not the kind of person to complain about what level I'm in, but it just doesn't seem right to move someone down a level. I do understand that I may not be up to par with the other 2 girls, but they have been in that level for a year longer than me. And, I always work hard to do my absolute best.

Should I tell my teacher that I don't think this is fair?

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The situation comes down to the fact that either you trust your teacher to do the right thing for you, or you don't. If you don't, then you need to find a different studio.

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