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Attitude turns...a trick....!


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Over the summer (CPYB), one of the teachers gave me a very helpful hint to attitude turns. There is a muscle on the outer part of your thigh ("lazy muscle"). When pushing off for your turn, feel this muscle pushing up. I swear it works: I have have almost perfect doubles in attitude ever since this correction/tip!! :o

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Hello 32Fouettes, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


When you say attitude turns, are you speaking of en dehors or en dedans? Also, could you explain a bit more clearly what you mean by "...a muscle on the outer part of your thigh"? Which muscle? And which leg are you speaking of, the supporting leg or the working leg? I'm afraid I have a bit of a hard time visualizing how one thigh muscle is going to make a huge difference in an attitude turn, other than assuming that everything else is there and the only thing missing was the proper position of the leg?

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:( Sorry if I was not clear enough. (EN DEDANDS) When lifting the leg into the attitude, I feel a push from the very outer most part of the thigh (of the leg lifting). This propels me, and keeps my attitude in the proper position. :yes: Does that help? I geuss it really has to be shown in person....?
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So happy to hear your enthusiasm for learning! A truly wonderful trait! :yes: Your "discovery/trick" is what is known as the understanding of mechanics that leads to a strong technique. What you have actually discovered is a main ingredient in achieving this very beautiful turn. It is a bit of a concern that you think that your teacher at your SI has "discovered" a trick since this turn has been working with that advice for centuries.


There is little to ballet tehnique that is truly "new". It only seems that way to the students who are successful in the achievement! Again, I commend you on your achievement and your enthusiasm for learning. This is wonderful! :(

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I am sorry if I at all implied that my ballet teacher at CPYB "discovered" the trick--what I meant was rather that she SHOWED me the trick. :(


I have also found the use of this muscle helpful in en de hours (SP??) attitude turns, attitude promenades, and anything with an attitude derriere. :yes:

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