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Leotard Grab Bag Special


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Well, it's not quite the 3 for $10 that the Capezio Dance Factory Outlet used to have (and incidentally is no longer available), but this is something: Bodywrappers Fancy Back Leotards at dance4less.com - 3 for $40


I called the store and they told me that these were the regular Adult Collection and not the Premiere Collection, which makes a big difference in sizing. They have only Large and X-Large available. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to go for it, since I'm pretty tall and have a long torso, so I'm really picky about my leotards. But I thought the budget-conscious among us who are familiar with their sizing might be interested. By my calculations, it's only a $5-$10 discount off retail, depending on which ones they send.


If anyone goes for it, let me know what you end up with... I may give it a shot for winter when I'm covered head-to-toe in knits anyway. :)


P.S. Don't be fooled by the picture... they informed me that the leos pictured are not the ones in the grab bag. I think it's kind of deceiving since the ones shown are the nicer ones!

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This makes me laugh a bit. I can guess how this grab bag came about. They are strappy backs in large sizes. Large sized women typically can't wear strappy backed things or choose not to because of the lack of bust support. I'm very disappointed. :-( Once I saw L and XL I thought "oh boy!" but fancy back did me in. I did find once that strappy leos make decent swimsuits though. Too bad I don't need any more swimsuits.

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LOL! Well, these are great for me, because not many of our local stores carry anything but tanks and long sleeves in the larger sizes... and I am one of the few that can wear the fancy back ones... tall and long with no chest! Plus, I find that even if I go by the manufacturer's size recommendations, I have to size up just to make sure it covers me properly!


The only drawback on this one is that this store seems fond of "pretzel-back" leos which I despise. Still debating whether its worth the risk or if I should just go spend my $40 at a local store where I can try them on. (Chances are I'd only like one of the three anyway!)

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If it were me, I wouldn't spend $40 impulsively on a grab bag. My blind purchase spending limit is pretty low but I'm not a very adventurous gal. Heck, I love those tanks leos. Been wearing once since middle school I think. Black, of course.

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Yeah, it's a bit expensive for that. I'd probably spend a couple bucks blindly on ebay first. But... hey, with all the people who were going to Richmond, some could have just used some extra leos no matter what they looked like. :toot:


My biggest concern is that they would come with a jazz cut leg, and I don't even like the mid-cut leg leos I have (that's why I'm buying new ones.) Call me old fashioned, but I like ballet cut that covers as much as possible! (Wore shorts over my leo last night and my teacher laughed because I said it was a "cover my butt" sort of day. As you can tell, our dress code is loose.)

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My biggest concern is that they would come with a jazz cut leg, and I don't even like the mid-cut leg leos I have (that's why I'm buying new ones.) Call me old fashioned, but I like ballet cut that covers as much as possible! (Wore shorts over my leo last night and my teacher laughed because I said it was a "cover my butt" sort of day. As you can tell, our dress code is loose.)


I completely agree - though I did tell my teacher that every day was a "cover my butt" sort of day, which she found endlessly amusing. I purchased several leos from Discount Dance that were described as having a ballet cut leg line, and while I have a long torso, some of those were definitely mid-cut or higher. After having this happen a number of times, I've given up on e-shortcuts and opted for going to the store each time (and I live in NY, so I really have no excuse). While the grab bag sounds appealing, I wouldn't go for it, as there's a reason those leos are so discounted.

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Compared to the ballet-cut style, how high are the jazz-leg and mid-cut styles? I am quite petite and any style that shows more leg is complementary for my body type.


Any brand and style recommendables for the higher-cut leos?

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Ballet cut leg lines are lower on the leg. They reveal less of the upper thigh/buttocks. Jazz cut leg lines are shaped a bit different to elongate the line of the leg. I prefer the ballet cut leg line because I think it looks more appropriate in the context of a ballet class.


Here are two photos, courtesy of Discount Dance:


Ballet cut


"Modified" jazz cut

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Any brand and style recommendables for the higher-cut leos?


I have two Capezio camisoles, I wish I kept the tag so I could tell you the style! They are the pinch-front, v-back with princess seaming and adjustable straps (they can also be worn criss-crossed or straight.) The leg is a higher cut, not as high as jazz cut but a bit too much for me. They are quite flattering on petite dancers, and the bottom back has full coverage. Based on what the Capezio website says, it looks to be the 9808?


I really should be wearing an extra large or large-tall because I'm on the edge of the size based on girth measurement, and it has to stretch too much on me, but I have a hard time finding anything I like in that size. Tomorrow I'm driving an hour to a larger shop to see what they have.

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Thank you Blaise and Rockymtndancer! I do in fact have two of the Capezio camis that Rockymtndance desicribed, except that mine cannot be worn crisscross because the adjustable straps are not removable in the back.


Now that I think about it, I believe I also have some Mirella with the higher-cut leg similar to the red leo pix in Blaise's post.


Not that I am throwing modesty to the wind :wacko:, but because I am shorter than the shortest ABT dancer (I think exact measurements aren't allowed on this board) and my Capezio footed pink tights are stretched relatively thick-er over my thighs, I am actually looking for a style cut higher on the side.....that is, the leg opening arches higher on the side (for lack of better description, think swimsuit style :thumbsup: ).

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I was just getting ready to say the higher cut legs are "like a swimsuit." I haven't worn one in years but I have a capezio tank I got from the 3 for $10 grab bag that's higher in the legs. Tomorrow, I can post the style if you'd like. For tonight, my feet are frozen to the sofa. I wore myself out looking for bargain work clothes at the outlet mall.

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Well, I drove the hour (well, actually 45 minutes) to that other dancewear store and boy are they expensive!!! But they had some gorgeous leotards. Finally ended up with a beautiful Meryl halter by Mirella... a bit low cut for my usual taste but it looked so good on I couldn't resist.


I'm a believer in Mirella now... tried on 5 different styles, and all fit me in the large... I remembered that they ran long, but I didn't trust that recollection without trying them on. At least I wrote the style numbers down so I can order them online.


There was also another brand... Body-something, and not Bodywrappers. Can't remember now! Gorgeous and they all come in long styles as well, so you get the length and not the width. Anyone know what brand I'm talking about?

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I am petite, too. I think that Bodywrappers & Mirella have a lower leg line than Capezio, Sansha, Natalie & Bloch. I think that Bloch's are usually jazz cut or else their ballet cut is a higher cut legs which is more flattering on me as well. Mirella's have a lower leg line than Capezio I think but not as low as Bodywrappers. My favorite leotards are Capezio, Natalie, Bloch and Sansha.


I have bought the capezio leotard grab bag twice and both times I got some leotards that had higher cut legs. Some of the legs were cut so high I was embarrassed to wear them with pink tights, but I will wear them with black tights, and some of the legs were cut low enough that I will wear them with pink tights.

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I just checked out the website and moved right along to "Queensize Dancewear" and nearly flipped at the cut of the one tank/Swimsuit. It seems to have one of those 1980's, show your hipbone, super high leglines. Visions of saddle bags hanging out at the beach come to mind. Yikes! :)

Personally I do like a little extra height on the legline; one that follows the bend of my leg anyway. No matter my size, I find the near horizontal line that most larger size stuff has quite intolerable. It just makes one look wider.



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