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Dancers' Preferred Pointe Shoes

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Maybe it's a remnant from my childhood (*ahem* current) fascination with pointe shoes, both in terms of aesthetics and technique, but I frequently wonder about the shoe choices of successful female dancers. I was going through ABT's photo galleries earlier today - because clearly, I have nothing better to do at work - and I stopped at a photo of Julie Kent and thought to myself, "Hmm. I wonder what shoes she wears."


Anyone else find themselves doing this? I don't know why but I'm fascinated!

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I do that all the time when I look at pointe magazine. Its fun, kind of like a guessing game. Sometimes if the photo is big enough you can tell by the construction of the pointe shoe of which brand it is. For example on pointe magazine with alessandra ferri on the cover I could tell she was wearing Freeds because of that stitching that is about a cm bellow the drawstring on the vamp.

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:blushing: I do that constantly...... and I can usually tell what they're wearing too. I need to get a life, huh? :P:lol:
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Me too, totally fascinated! :P I love those articles in Pointe magazine where the pro's talk about their shoes; how they special order or how they break them in. I'm a total nerd!!! :lol:

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Captain of Dork Planet here!! :lol::P:blushing:

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Guilty- and not only do I know what they are wearing, when a catalogue model is wearing a shoe that doesn't look right to me, I say to myself "she should really try __________ shoe". If Clara is the Cap'n I'm the parrot on her shoulder! :toot:

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:party: I do that constantly...... and I can usually tell what they're wearing too. I need to get a life, huh? :P:blush:


If you do, I certainly need to. :toot:


So, kids, I think I know what Julie Kent wears, but does anyone know for sure?

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SQUAWK! missvjc420 want a cracker????!!!!! :blush::toot:


I haven't seen enough pics of Julie Kent to really tell what she's wearing. Got one in particular you're referring to?

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Here are a few pictures of the fabulous Ms. Kent:








They're not the best, but it's pretty difficult to find quality close-ups of her pointe shoes. :thumbsup:

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It would appear that those are Freed customs in those 3 pics.

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Yep Freeds. In the Black Swan pic I think I can see a shaded area of the dancer that used to be on the soles of Freeds when they only had one shoe. I've been trying to find better pics of her feet.

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Guilty! I'm not very good at it, though—the only ones I immediately recognize are Gaynors because they look so darn funny. How funny? Last time I saw ABT, I was way up in nosebleed land and I could still pick out the corps members who were wearing them.

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