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I was at a performance of Cincinnati Ballet yesterday, and I was looking for the Gaynors as well! Couldn't pick them out for sure though.


I did one of those goofy fan things and bought a used pair of shoes that had been worn in a previous performance by the main dancer in "Chaconne" yesterday. Would have loved to have the shoes from "Chaconne", but they apparently let them dry before they sell them!


It was really cool to examine the shoes. First, they're so tiny--Freed 3.5 compared to my Bloch 7.5 look like baby shoes!!! They're definitely customs, and it looks like she double-shanks them, cuts the top shank to 3/4 and heavily duct tapes it to the other shank. And she cuts away a little crescent of the top shank on the upper end--I think where her little toes are. The satin is cut away from the platform and the pleats, but that must be done post-performance, because the canvas is too clean.


So why is Freed the end-all, be-all of professional shoes? Clara, I know you'll know this--and so will the parrot on the shoulder! :-)))



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Hahahahahaha!!!! :wub: Ok, parrot, squawk it up!!!!


The reason I love Freeds is because they literally changed the way I was able to dance. I had tried Gambas (Italiens, anyone, anyone????) and Capezios (Pavlowa/Contempora/Infinita), and when I was finally fit in Freeds, it felt like the cement blocks had been lifted off my feet and I could finally articulate my feet the same way I was able to in soft ballet shoes (which, at the time, weren't exactly 'soft' because they had the leather outsole just like pointe shoes).


I suspect others like Freeds for similar reasons; they just conform to your feet and are so light- it's what ballet is supposed to be about.


Having said that, I know there are dancers out there who feel the same way about other brands of pointe shoes too!


Freed has so many makers and so many ways of customizing pointe shoes that they fit many, many different dancer's feet. That combined with their unique paste makes them a leader in the industry.

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Squawk! I'm not a Freed person, but I am in concert with Clara 76 as to the reasons why so many dancers love them. They can customize any part of the shoe, use less paste then most, and are very responsive because of these reasons. I would like them if they had low profile shoes. As an aside, Capezio made my shoes with a 3/4 #1 shank and a lightly pasted box and scored my outsoles for me. I'm sure they could still do so.

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Well, if I remember from Clara 76 correctly, you can indeed get Freed's custom made with a lower profile... Clara, please remind us (me!) - is it 'squish while slipping'?


eta: I think Ansanelli is now in Freeds, but I need to double check. Her feet looked amazing this past weekend.

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Yes- "Squash while slipping". And there are other ways to have a lower profile too. I am looking forward to learning myself, what all the different options mean, and will have that opportunity soon. I will report back when I have learned more!!


Ashley Bouder has unique specs: She has a combined insole which usually means that it is a 2.5mm insole combined with a 1.8mm insole to form one strong shank assembly for very strong feet that are cut down to almost 1/2!; she has a squarer block (forgive me but I forgot to take a pic of the maker :lol: ), long vamp and the most interesting thing to me is her side seams which are cut down to about 1 inch!


Here is the link to my pics of her shoes; forgive me if you have a hard time with snapfish:ABouder Album

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If I recall, Bouder's shoes are by "J" maker... I remember the name Michael Cripps. She (and her shoes) were featured in Pointe Magazine sometime this summer. (Actually, the first and only copy of that I have ever bought!)

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I'm glad you said that because in my head, I thought I remembered it was J, but I don't trust that steel sieve up there anymore :thumbsup::yes::thumbsup:

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Clara_76: keep us low-profiled (feet) gals updated on what you find out about the variety of request we can do with freed!

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You bet! :thumbsup:


Freed of London is actually coming to BalletMet for a 3-day fitting, and I am beyond excited!!!! I want to learn everything I can, and I hope 3 days will be enough. (Those poor Freed people don't know what they're getting into with me- I'll be brain-picking for days!!!) :thumbsup::yes:

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Yes- "Squash while slipping". And there are other ways to have a lower profile too.


Ashley Bouder has unique specs:




"Squash..."??? I must have missed a post somewhere. What does that mean? :thumbsup:


I have to say that I don't like the way Ashley Bouder's feet look in the cut-down shoes. When I was looking at the photos in the "Pointe" article, I thought they detracted from the arched look of her foot. But maybe it was just the angle. BTW, the shoes I bought at the ballet Saturday are also made by "J"


So, Clara---I live less than an hour from Columbus. Is the Freed fitting only for BalletMet dancers, or can old wannabes like me come? I like my Axioms, but I still think I need even more taper. Won't go further here, because that's a Pointe Shoe thread.... :yes:


Hushinfazen, I will surely be getting at least one pair each time I go. I figure it's a contribution to the arts, right?? :thumbsup: But I'm like you--I wanna know what everyone's shoes are like!



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At the risk of this becoming a pointe shoe thread, I will say that's excellent news, Clara76, and look forward to hearing more about it- maybe a post in the pointe shoe forum all about eveything they said and did? (I so want to know it all!)

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Guest pink tights

Clara76, I'm so envious!!!! I also hope you will post EVERYTHING you learn from them. :thumbsup: It would make an excellent sticky!!! :yes:


My DD is begging for a trip to London....just to go to the Freed store....

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I will absolutely report back!! :yes:

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Captain of Dork Planet here!! :thumbsup::D:P



I think most of us are residents of Dork Planet!!! :shrug: I'm constantly looking at the pictures in Pointe mag trying to figure out what kind of pointe shoes they are wearing!! :P

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