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Dancers' Preferred Pointe Shoes

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Ooooh, good shout ami, that does look like them. Thanks also for posting the link, couldn't quite work out how to do that. :blink:


And I agree about the catolgue - it does look much nicer this year but I also liked the Alina Cojocaru pics. Hey ho. It must be contractual I guess.


Sorry will stop being off topic now :o

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I agree Clara! Is it okay to say I'm a little proud of myself? Thanks to you and Ms. DeVor, I've learned SO much about pointe shoes in the past few years, and have become better at identifying them, amongst other things... some day I'm going to have to do the fitting course!


The thing with this catalogue, is that you can always tell that it isn't airbrushed, which I like. You can see some wispy fly-away hairs falling out of a bun, a piece of satin slowly unravelling off a pointe shoe, etc.... That part I like. I still don't get all the seductive hip stuff though.

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Well now, ami, the catalogues have to appeal to the same gender that's "reading" the Victoria's Secret catalogue, right??? :P:D:o:lol::blink:

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I think she's shown in a Bloch ad.

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She is shown in a Bloch ad. My dd and I saw her perform as Odette/Odile in Berkeley last Sunday. We were seated so close to the stage - in the second row, aisle seats - we could even see the dirt and fray on her pointe shoes! In the first act, her pointe shoes looked so strange. (I know nothing about pointe shoes, so bear with me!). They looked pancaked, and she had the satin cut off the platform. In the draw string area at the front of her foot, the shoe actually formed a lump, and the rest of the shoe looked worn, and baggy. In the second act, her shoe was a lighter pink color, and though not shiny like most of the corp dancer's shoes, they did not look pancaked. This shoe was less baggy, but still had a visible lump in the front draw string area. Of course - I don't know if they were Blochs or not. I forgot to look at her shoes in the third act.



It was fun to be so close to the stage. We could hear the dancers breathing, and saw little things like ribbons coming untucked, etc. It was endearing. :wub: They're real people after all!

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In "The Pointe Book, 2nd ed", theres interviews with professional dancers about which shoes they wear and how they prepare them. Paloma is in there and says that she currently wears custom Capezios (although she apparently used to wear Freeds). I know she does model for Bloch, but it doesnt seem like this contractually obligates her to actually use Bloch shoes. Polina Semionova is also modelling for Bloch now, and from another board it was shown (with pictures taken in person by a member) that she actually wears Freeds. So I think who the dancer models for and what they wear in real life can be very different :yucky:

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Nope. Not at all. That's a ballet urban legend. :lol:

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This should probably be split off into its own thread, but, since the question came up, I'll ask it here:

If a dancer is hired into a company for the first time, how does the provided-pointe shoe acquisition take place? If it is Dancer Susie's first day at Company A, how does she go about getting the free pointes if the company provides Freeds, as an example? If the company will provide free Freeds but Dancer Susie wears Russian Pointes, how would Dancer Susie get her Russian Pointes? Does she have to buy them herself and then get reimbursed? Thanks!

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Well, in my case, what happens is when a dancer is sent their company contract to sign for the upcoming season, my shoe contract is included with the information. It is their responsibility to fill out and send back both contracts.


When the contracts are returned, (usually around April or may) I have their street shoe size along with the brands and styles of pointe shoes and ballet shoes and any other pertinent shoes, and I order their shoes for them. When they arrive to start the next season, I give them the number of pairs that has been predetermined by their contract that they can have to start off the season. I keep all the rest of their shoes in my office in bins (and bins, and bins, and bins... :lol: )


Dancers are required to take care of their shoes and must make use of jet glue/shellac, and also must turn in their dead pairs with their autograph on them. That is so we can sell their shoes in the lobby at performances and the money goes straight into the scholarship fund for the academy. That provides children who might otherwise be unable to take classes with a chance to dance, so it is a very important part of their responsibility.


As dancers turn in their dead pair, they get replacement pairs. Most of the professional dancers here wear Freed Bespokes, but I have had one in Grishko and 2 who wore Bloch, one in Capezio. As long as they are able to make the shoes quiet, they should be able to wear what they want. However, what usually happens is that when they get here and have the opportunity to have a fitting with me, they will frequently change their brand and style, and many times, they end up choosing Freed.


So, long story short- if Susie wears RPs, I will order them for her as I do all the others. She will not have to pony up any money. However, there are some companies where that does occur, so I would definitely check with wherever she is going to be sure how they do it.

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Wow, thank you, Clara76! That was really good info. I have always wondered about those autographed pointe shoes for sale at performances, and knowing where the money goes from their sale is so great. DD is a few years from even auditioning for a company, but this is great to know.

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You're very welcome! :thumbsup:

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Sorry for being a little (okay, quite a bit) behind the times, but I have a friend who has a pair of Paloma's shoes and they are (were?) actually Blochs. I recently bought a pair of Sarah Lane's shoes. They are Capezios with a cut shank-- sorry, I can't be any more specific than that-- and are absolutely tiny! They even have her lambs wool in them! She writes Bible verses on the back, which I thought was really lovely. The woman selling the shoes was absolutely singing her praises, I felt like I was the luckiest person on earth! :wallbash:

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