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Well, there's a big colour difference between many of the front shoes and the back shoes and I don't think it's only about the lighting...


Are those Freeds towards the front?


(Bear in mind I'm a poor South African who has limited access to many (most) brands of pointe shoes...)

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On the right hand side, at the front, when you can see the shoe's insole -- is that a Capezio? I'm trying to read the insole with no luck. Then, behind it, the outsole has white stitches? No clue on that. Behind that one, all the way to the back, there's an orangey shoe that looks to have an elastic drawstring. I'm guessing, based on what I can see of the vamp, that it might be one of the Repetto models that used to have the elastic in the casing (the profile, from this angle and to me, doesn't look low enough to be a Gaynor -- but it could be!). Of course, it might be any other shoe, with an elastic drawstring! :(

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There is one pair of Freed Studios, one shoe in the background, one in the right foreground! The rest I believe are Grishkos, and there appears to be one pair of Grishko flats in there too.

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argh -- I guess this is when I say *nevermind* quietly and slip away! :)

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Not at all! The important thing is to learn- not whether your right or not... you know I've been wrong on this board many times, and all I can do is learn from it. Not that I've been successful with that- but I try!

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Yes, I was talking about the right foreground shoe! :clapping: And yes, I noticed the ballet slippers (flats), too. Thanks Clara, this is helpful and educational!

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You're welcome, and if you want to see some of my worst gaffes, head over to Ballet Talk. In my excitement over finding a site like this, there are many posts where I mis-named choreographers, misspelled common ballet words, and generally, screwed up. But all you can do is move on.

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Oh Clara, I was more sinking away to figure it out again -- I've been really good about figuring out shoes lately, except for this picture. :clapping: In any case, on Twitter Joy has said that she uses Grishko 2007s, and that she mainly uses old pointe shoes for 'slippers'. :flowers:

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So, last night I went to see the Bolshoi in London. The programme was Serenade and Giselle. I was a little disappointed not to see Osipova as Giselle (the casting was changed after I booked my tickets), but was very happy with Anna Nikulina.


Anyhow, there were some great close-up shots of some of the pointe shoes in the programme and I am particularly intrigued by the shoes of Natalia Osipova and Maria Alexandrovna. Firstly, because I thought Osipova wore GMs; Secondly, because of all the alterations Osipova has made; Third, because to my eye, the fit looks really off. Some of this might be due to foreshortenened angles in photos, but still.....


I find Tamara Rojo's Freeds always look extra fat at the platform because of the way she prepares them but Osipova's look even odder. These aren't GMs... are they?? :pinch:



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If I remember correctly, Bolshoi dancers have their own cobbler/s who make their shoes. Or at least, they once did. Both of the dancers in your photos appear to be wearing Russian-made pointe shoes, and I want to fit Osipova now very badly!!! She is obviously suffering from bunions- both tailors and big joint. Her shoes are awful!

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I'm glad the expert thinks they're awful too, Clara! :) My sister and I were looking at the progamme yesterday evening in horror.


Do you think she (Osipova) does wear GMs sometimes, which is why she's listed as a GM Artist? The photo is of her as Giselle and apparently she first danced that role in 2007, so it's not like it's an ancient photo or anything.


Most of the shoes we could see in the programme had vamp elastic of some kind or other on them, so I'm guessing it's a Bolshoi 'thing'.

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Or she was paid a really good amount to model for a photo.... :)

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So -- Clara 76, I say you send her a note with an offer to fit her! I have read that she suffers a great deal with her bunions.

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Aaaand I'm sure that note would be placed immediately into the "stalker" pile!!! :shrug:


Seriously, she does need some help with her poor feet.

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Here are a few pictures of the fabulous Ms. Kent:








They're not the best, but it's pretty difficult to find quality close-ups of her pointe shoes. :)


These links don't work by the way. It said the pictures have been removed.


That link is 3 years old.

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