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Dancers' Preferred Pointe Shoes

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Before reading this thread today, I thought that I was the only geek who trawls through pictures trying to identify what shoes dancers are wearing! :grinning:

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Oh, so I'm not the only person who does this?? Good to know! (although I mainly use it on fellow students...getting pretty good at it too, although I mistook the first Freed I'd ever seen for a Suffolk recently.... :whistling: )


(Sorry to dredge up this thread, but I liked it and found it fascinating)

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I had the privilege of watching Gillian Murphy tonight in the Royal New Zealand Ballet's revival of Giselle and I have never seen GM's look so good on a dancer.


She just seemed to roll through demi pointe so smoothly it was like she was in flats, I have never seen anyone else be able to do that in them!


They did stick out though, much shinier and more apricot coloured than the rest of the cast, most of whom wear bloch.

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The string thing on the vamp is something that a few of my Bolshoi & Kirov teachers taught us too. It's a modification that I have not found I needed, but if people have very high insteps/banana feet, the zigzagged thread is to give extra support and assist with the control in vamp area without be restrictive. It's loose enough to be able to control your feet in the shoe without containing it - I've seen some American dancers use elastic in this case, but I think that the argument is that elastic can hold some people back.


Many dancers will do this without cutting a slit down into the vamp, but some people who do cut into the vamp do so because they need a higher vamp, but at the same time prefer a lower vamp without actually lowering it. The fix or compromise for this is to cut a slit in the vamp, but reinforce it with looser thread to still have a bit of control and support as with a high vamp, but flexibility as if with a low vamp. Does that make sense? This is what the dancers and teachers have explained to me anyway - like I said, I don't do it. I have horrible flat feet. Popping out of my shoe is the LEAST of my worries!

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