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Higher instep


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How can i get that high instep that you see perfesstionals with? What exercises can I do with my feet so I get that nice instep? Does resist or therabands work?

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Missy, there is no magic potion to make insteps and arches higher. Either it's there in the bones, or it's not. You can make the most of what you do have by working really carefully on tendus, dégagés, frappés, the sur-le-cou-de-pied position, pas de cheval, in fact anything where the foot points, which is just about everywhere! And yes, Therabands/Resistabands work well for exercising feet and all sorts of other parts of you.

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Missy, you asked the same question last night, with a different title, and got the same answer! Please do not create two topics with the same question, okay? Thank you! smile.gif

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