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I just moved (it was a big surprise my parents told me 3 weeks ago we moved 2 weeks ago) but we found a new ballet studio pretty quick. Anyway, we were talking about nutcracker auditions and my new friends mentioned something about callbacks? My old studio was really small and we didn't have them. Anyways I was just wondering what they were, how they were done, why they were done and any other information on them :wink: All information is greatly appreciated!

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Call backs happen in large schools and companies when there are many people who audition. They select the top choices from the first audition, and then have a callback to determine which ones they will cast.

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I now that when you audition for The Royal Ballet School there's is always two auditions. They shortlist the amount of people for the 2nd audition which is the one that's held at The Royal Ballet Lower School. You do phsyio checks interviews etc. Then after you've done the audition class, someone comes into the changing room and says the names of people they want to see dance again. They do a few exercises, not the whole ballet class. They call people back that they are undecided about. The others that didn't get called back are either a definate no or a definate yes. :toot: sorry that was a bit off topic!! From little_dancer123 x :deal:

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Like little dancer said, the callbacks I have been to are for those who are undecided. So If you do not get one that does not mean they do not want you. It can mean that they are positive they want you and don't need to see you again. Also, if you get a call back it doesn't mean you are gaurenteed a part, it means they are still considering the possibilities.

Good luck on your auditions!

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