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Enough Dance?


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This is my first post and I think I know how all this works, please forgive me if I did it wrong :flowers:

Anyways this is my question, I started at a new studio last year and I really like it here and the teachers are great, however the older division is very small. As a result this is my schedule:


Monday- Ballet 6:15-8

Tuesday- Hip Hop 6:30-7:30, Modern/Contemporary 7:30-9:00

Wednesday- Jazz 7:30-9:00

Thurday- Ballet 6:30-8:00

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- Ballet 10:30-12:00, Jazz Funk 12:30-1:30, Rehersal 1:30-3:00


My classes are mostly tiny, usually 10 students or less, therefore we get lots of personal attention and corrections. Is this an OK schedule for pre pro? or should I switch studios and focus on ballet? my teachers really stress the importance of versatility and knowing many forms of dance.

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Hello, dancinchikin, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.


Now, you must understand that when you say "pre-professional", you're essentially saying "career tracking". What you've shown us isn't a sufficient training program to provide a knowledge and training base for a life's work. :flowers:


Based only on what we know now, yes, I'd advise that you change schools and get on a track more likely to result in a job when you have completed training. Look for a placement record. Has the school taught anybody who's gone on to professional work? If so, what kind of work? Ballet? Modern? Musical Theater? Start forming your ideas on an objective now, and narrow the field later.


And by the way, 10 isn't a "tiny" class.

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Thank so much for your help, I guess I thought under 10 was a tiny class because at my last studio the classes were generally more than 20 students. The studio changed ownership 2 years ago, so it doesn't really have a placement record yet. With the schedule I have, do you think I have a chance for any kind of professional dance career, not necessarily classical ballet? for example contemporary ballet or musical theater? And also one other question, if I did decide to leave how could I leave gracefully, I'm really nervous about it because I'm kind of attatched to the studio now and it seems like it would be rude to leave even though it would be for my own good i guess. Thank you again!

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It would not be rude to leave if you find a school that is better suited to your goals. There are some very good schools in Texas! If you want classical ballet, you must find a professional school. If you want to do all forms of dance, the school you are in might be okay, but it's hard to say. Right now you only have 3 ballet classes a week, no pointe classes, and some other things that you could do without unless you want to aim for the TV or Broadway route, which is fine too.

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Pointe is included in the ballet classes, last year we would usually do one class on flat, one on pointe and one half flat, half pointe. At the moment I'm not really sure about what I want to do in the future. By the way I'm 15. I guess I'll have to think it over for a while. Thank you so much.

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Oh dear. At 15, you still have about a year of wiggle room in making direction choices insofar as career is concerned. By this time next year, you should have a fairly focused idea of what you want to be as a dancer. There are a lot of tough decisions to be made. Good luck!

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Well, if this post is here...

How is my timetable? lol It has improved alot since this year as I have become more serious. My plan in life is to go to University , get a bacholar of fine arts, get my RAD teachers certificate and the NBS teachers certificate . How does this timetable look , consindering that is the future I want....


Monday: Ballet Tech 2-3:15

Tuesday: Comp : 3:30-4:15 , Yoga/Stretch 7-8 Advanced Found.: 8-9:30(RAD)

Wedndesday: 8-930 Advanced Found. (RAD)

Thursday: Off.

Friday: 8-9:30 - Advanced Found. (RAD)

Saturday: Ballet Technique 1 1/2 hour ..



- Its not alot of pointe work , but no studios around here have a seperate pointe class but generally we have 30 minutes of pointe at the end of each advanced class. I might also start accompanying yuonger ballet classes (piano)!

- My classes are veery small though , 2 other girls...


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And you're how old now? In any case, if I were you, I'd fill up that vacant Thursday. Non-syllabus, I think, as you have sufficient of AF classes. And what is "Comp"?

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oh competition.. time on stage and really helps me with learning things faster and to preform.


I wish I could add ballet on thursday but I have violin from like 4-9... Some of the AF classes will be technique classes. Oh I am just turning 16 this month. I do also have my grade 8 RAD. Should I prehaps drop some extra RAD classes and add another method of ballet? I have been debating this, and looking into it. It is hard to find (in my area ) a serious non RAD studio. Most of them if they do not do RAD, are very focused on competitions..

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Hmmm! 16. The field is narrowing for you now, and some decisions are going to have to be made about musicianship and dance before you reach your next birthday. You should balance your training in each to reflect a career choice, as your goals seem suited best for the high-functioning dancer. I would talk over re-aligning syllabus/non-syllabus ("free") classes at your proficiency level with your principal teacher. Good that you have Grade 8 behind you.

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Ballet is what I want to do! I know this, because I am happiest while doing it. I know that I am a little young to be planning my future ( 13) but it truly is what I want to do. Here is my ballet schedule...


Monday- ballet 5:30- 7:00 pointe 7:00 to 7:45 rehearsal en pointe after until 8:30

Tuesday- off

Wednesday- ballet 4:30- 6:00 pointe 6:00- 7:00 " " 7:40 ish

Thursday " "

Friday- depends on week, but same as Thurday

Saturday- ballet 4:00-5:30 pointe 5:30-6:15 rehearsal 6:15-7 ish


Am I getting enough?

I also do SI's at my regular ballet school, but this year I want to go away from home





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Yes, for 13 it sounds fine. And by the way, we do not feel that 13 is at all too young to know what you want to do with your life! :D

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By the way, macleb, two word or very short posts don't count! The wording in the rules is "30 substantial posts", so, things like thank you, that's good, or me too, etc., won't get you to the BB any sooner. :D

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