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Hey does anyone know how selective this program is? How many dancers audition each year? How many are selected? And how many actually attend the program? Thanks!

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Alfhieballet, actually numbers such as you are asking about are best found by asking the Admissions folks at the dance department at Chapman. :wink: They may have some of that information on their website. But, unless we have someone here on BT4D in the front office/admissions office of Chapman, how would we have that type of specific number information. :shrug:

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Daughter just accepted to Chapman as a dance major! Anyone else looking at Chapman?

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Does anyone have a recent review of the Dance/Ballet at Chapman University? The most recent comments don't seem too favorable. Thank you!

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Anyone has any info about Chapman's dance program? We just went to their first audition this past weekend. In email they sent prior to auditions described as such "auditions will consist of a Pilates centering followed by a modern/contemporary warm up and phrase, a ballet phrase, and a jazz phrase. You will present your solo to a small panel of faculty following this class." We weren't sure what to expect but thought to share whatwe went through in case others might want to know:

* "Pilates centering" included the basic pilates 100

* Pilates and modern together lasted about 30 minutes

* as for ballet, it maybe had 2 ballet combinations before it went into contemporary where the instructor told kids to get off their center balance

* jazz was done with 40's musical theatre music and combination

About 28-29 were registered for this audition and 5 were male (one might be a junior in high school).

They had all the parents and students in one room at the end to showcase two pieces from their current students as well as having their students answer some questions. 

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